Published: 2021-05-08

Bioactivities of holmium(III) and gadolinium(III) complexes of thymoquinone

N. S. Awwad, H. A. Ibrahium, A. A. Shati, M. A. Alshehri, K. M. Al-Syaad, M. Y. Alfaifi, M. I. Mujallid, M. Z. Bani-Fwaz, H. S. M. Abd-Rabboh, Y. H. Ju , A. E. Fazary


Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), and Cu(II) complexes of amino acid derived Schiff base ligand: Synthesis, characterization and in-vitro antibacterial investigations

A. O. Rajee, H. F. Babamale, A. Lawal, A. A. Aliyu, W. A. Osunniran, A. O. Sheriff, M. Lawal , J. A. Obaleye


Luminescent, sorptive and antibacterial potential of bismuth-organic framework

S. Iram, T. Khurshid, S. Latif, M. Imran, F. Kanwal , L. Mitu