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Challenges facing transportation of urban fruits and vegetables supply chain continuum in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Ibrahim M. Issa
Emmanuel J. Munishi
Kirumirah Mubarack


Despite the critical role played by transportation in the supply chain of urban fresh fruits and vegetable, poor transportation continues to threaten the supply chain of fruits and vegetables. This study examined challenges of transportation in the supply chain of urban fresh fruits and vegetables in Dar es Salaam City, with a major focus on handling, connection and distribution. Qualitative approach was adopted and data were drawn from a purposive sample of 65 respondents using interviews, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and non-participant observation. Thematic analysis was adopted with the help of MAXQDA 10 software. Findings, proved that transportation challenges were related to inappropriate handling tools, poor transport technology, inadequate knowledge of handling fruits and vegetables by the workers, inadequate number of transportation vehicles and poor maintenance of storage facilities. It was further reported that inadequate road network and connectivity characterised by remote location of the farms, poorly constructed roads and bridges, narrow roads, geographical constraints as well as lack of appropriate transport system challenged the transportation role. Other challenges were related to lack of information exchange mechanism, inadequate distribution system resulting from absence of distribution and central storage, corruption and bribery, as well as lack of insurance cover. The study advocates for the provision of handling tools, special vehicles for transporting these produce, improvement of road infrastructures, introduction of processing industries and provision of insurance cover to intermediaries. It further proposes to institutions responsible for curbing corruption such as the PCCB and police to address corruption challenge.

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