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Performance of weighing scales installed in selected hospitals and healthcare centres in Dar Es Salaam

Jailos Mrisho Nzumile
Boniphase Ephraim Nyamweru


Calibration and verification of weighing scales installed in hospitals and healthcare centres is indispensable to ensure its performance accuracy. A study was conducted to ascertain the performance of weighing scales in Ilala, Kinondoni, and Temeke hospitals located in Dar es Salaam region. The study administered fifty questionnaires to gather data from individuals working in these hospitals and healthcare centres as well as performing actual test of the installed scales. During the actual test, it was found that 38% of the scales delivered correct results, 48% were partially correct and 14% were incorrect. It was also found that 18% of tested scales were verified and stamped while 82% were neither stamped nor verified. Furthermore, the findings from the respondents show that 80% of the scales have not been repaired since they were purchased, 2% were repaired only once a year, while 18% were repaired at least once a year. It is concluded that the overall performance of the hospitals’ weighing scales was not satisfactory. This is because only 38% of the scales delivered correct results while 62% delivered uncertain results. It is recommended that hospitals and healthcare centres should purchase weighing scales from the approved supplier by the Weight and Measures Agency (WMA) as this will minimize the poor performance of the scales used. It is also recommended that the Weight and Measures Agency (WMA) should establish a regulation that subjects the scales to metrological inspection and control, as well as raising awareness of the users of the scales on their proper use and storage.

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