Publisher: University of Lagos and Association of Mathematical Sciences and Optimization

Publisher contact person: Professor Johnson Olaleru

Email: jolaleru@unilag,edu,ng

Phone: +2348037265755

Sources of Support

  1. The University of Lagos, through its Centre for Information Technology and Systems,  takes care of hosting and technical supports while the University Library is newly charged with  the responsibility of providing the DOI numbers via CROSSREF.  
  2. The authors are charged 20, 000 Naira or $50 as processing and publication charges. For now, there is no financial challenges since all the staff involved are doing it at no  cost

Peer Review

1. Once an article is received for consideration for publication, the Managing Editor do the initial review and check to make sure it conforms to our Journal format as shown in the website. If it does not, it will be sent back to the author to correct and resubmit. If the initial check and review show that the paper cannot be publishable, it is rejected and sent back to the author(s) as a matter of final decision. Only articles written with Latex are accepted for review.
2. The second stage is that the Managing Editor will send it to the appropriate Section Editor whose field of research is closest to that of the submitted paper.
3. The Section Editor is expected to send it to two Reviewers whose area of specialization fall within that of the subject of the paper. They could be local, foreign or both. Reviewer’s forms are also attached for the Reviewer’s use.
4. The Section Editor is expected to follow up with the Reviewers to make sure the reports are submitted at the earliest time possible, preferably within 3 months. 5. No action is taken on the reports until they are at least two.
6. If the two reports are positive, with minor corrections, the papers are sent to the author(s) to effect the corrections after which they are processed for publication. If the two reports call for major reviews, the reports are sent to the authors to be resubmitted after the papers are revised and the revised papers will be resent back to the reviewer(s) to check if they are publishable. This process will be repeated until the reviewers are satisfied with the papers or the author(s) decides not to resubmit.
7. Once the paper is acceptable for publication, the respective Section Editor transfer the accepted papers to the Managing Editor who in turn will recommend it to the Editor in Chief for Publication.
8. The Editor in Chief will send the acceptance letter to the authors and ask them to pay the publication fees after which the paper will be sent to the Journal Technical Staff to produce the galley proof for the authors.
9. Once the author (s) is satisfied with the Galley Proof, the paper is published online in a couple of days.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

The full text is free online and it is an open license under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0  International License.

Publication Scheduling

This journal publishes two issues per year. 

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2814-0230