Submissions: Manuscript can be written in Swahili or English and a soft copy can be sent through email. The first page of the manuscript should include the title of the paper, author’s name, institution, postal address, phone number and email. This information should be on top of the first page. A paper should be typed, Word program, 1.5 spaced on A4 size paper and normal margins on all sides. Also, the paper should bear an abstract of words ranging from 150 to 250 just after the author’s information. Length of the paper should be 4000-7500 words and for book reviews 800-1200 words. Submit your paper to;

Peer Review: All our articles go through a double-blind review process. Authors must avoid putting their personal identification in the article to avoid reviewers’ bias.

Citation and References: When mentioning references in the text, cite only the last name of the author followed by the date of publication. Include page(s) for the direct quotation, e.g. Mulokozi (1996:34). All references mentioned in the text should appear at the end of the paper and should be in alphabetical order. Names of the books and journals have to be in italic, and names of the papers have to be in quotation marks as shown in the following examples:

Bwenge, C. (2009). “Language Choice in Dar es Salaam’s Billboards.” In F.

Mc Laughlin (Ed.), The Languages of Urban Africa. London: Continuum. pp. 152 – 177.

Kezilahabi, E. (2008). Dhifa. Nairobi: Vide ~Muwa Publishers Limited.

Mosha, D. (2019). Ulinganishi wa Majukumu ya Wahusika Kijinsia katika             Nyimbo za Watoto na Uhalisia wake katika Malezi ya Watoto Nchini Tanzania. Tasnifu ya Uzamivu (Haijachapishwa). Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam.

Petzell, M. (2012). “The Linguistic Situation in Tanzania.” Moderna Språk. 1:134-144.

Footnote or Endnote: Footnotes or endnotes have to be used to a minimum. Endnotes should appear just before the references and have to be arranged in numerical order.

Examples and Illustrations: All examples, tables, drawings, maps, illustrations, photos and pictures have to be neatly arranged in a respective page and have to be elaborated if necessary. Specified positions to put the tables, drawings and maps have to be clearly shown. Tables and illustrations which are not well set on a page will not be published.

Academic Plagiarism: Copying or paraphrasing words, ideas, diagrams, etc., from other sources without acknowledgement will be considered as academic dishonesty and therefore the manuscript will not be accepted.

Consent to Publish: Upon acceptance of the manuscript, an author must provide formal written consent to guarantee that the work has not been submitted or published elsewhere.

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