Libyan Journal of Medicine - Vol 3, No 1 (2008)

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Table of Contents


Patterns of drug prescribing in a hospital in Dubai,United Arab Emirates
S.I. Sharif, M Al-Shagra, H Hajjah, A Shamout, L Wess 10-12
Nutritional status of under-five children in Libya: a national population-based survey
A El Taguri, M-F Rolland-Cachera, S.M. Mahmud, N Elmrzougi, M.A. Abdel, I Betilmal, G Lenoir 13-19
Ventriculo-Peritoneal Shunt Infections in Infants and Children
M.M. Bokhary, H.M. Kamal 20-22
Neuroprotective Effects of Garlic: A review
B.C. Mathew, R.S. Biju 23-33
Is there NO treatment for severe sepsis?
A.S. Bredan, A Cauwels 34-38
Care for People with Diabetes during The Moslem Pilgrimage (Haj): An Overview
S.A. Beshyah, I.H. Sherif 39-41
Challenges Associated with Scaling up Artemisinin Combination Therapy in Sub-Saharan Africa; A Review Article
J Njuguna, S.S. Qader 42-48
A case of invasive Aspergillosis in a patient with no identifiable immunodeficiencies
K Sidduqui, M Douglas, M.P. Carey, H.T. Benamer 49-51
Reversible cortical Blindness following successful surgical repair of two stap wounds in the heart
A El Gatit, R.M. Abdul, F El Snaini, K Saad, A Zaiton 52-53
The triad of idiopathic normal-pressure hydrocephalus: a clinical practice case report
S.E. Lakhan, K Gross 54-57
Uterine Inversion: A case report
C Bouchikhi, H Saadi, B Fakhir, H Chaara, H Bouguern, A Banani, M.A. Melhouf 58-59
Steroid Use in Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss: What is the Evidence?
H Gheriani, M.H. Khan, D.A. Charles 60-61

ISSN: 1819-6357
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