Drama as a Cross-Curricula teaching method

  • M Amooti R
Keywords: Teaching methods, cross-curricula, dramatization, and role-play


Drama, by nature is endowed with pedagogical attributes. Besides the other values, drama is also an instrument of instruction. On the basis of the available literature, dramatic techniques like role-play, impersonation, miming and dramatization are very effective teaching methods. Various scholars have acknowledged the fact that these dramatic techniques are appropriate teaching methods across the curriculum. The practical elements of drama, as well as its close link with human activity do always draw in the learners‟ attention whenever used to illustrate most academic concepts. Using dramatic techniques breaks the stereo-type monotony associated with the teacher – centered approaches. Therefore, it could be of great benefit if all teacher-trainees were compulsorily introduced to using drama in class as a unit in the “General Teaching Methods”.

Key words: Teaching methods, cross-curricula, dramatization, and role-play


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