Exploring Lecturers’ Perceptions of Undergraduate Distance Learners Experiences with MUELE ICT Support

  • Susan Kasula Munabi
  • Jessica Norah Aguti
  • Harriet Mutambo Nabushawo


This study explored lecturer’s perceptions of undergraduate, Bachelor of Commerce, distance learners’ experiences of using the ICT support-Makerere  University E-learning Environment (MUELE). Interviews held with the lecturers were transcribed, exported to RQDA- R program package- for qualitative  content analysis. Coding and categorising of codes led to three themes: The first theme was, “student related issues” summarizing the benefits and  challenges that learners faced in their use of the ICT support. The second theme was “the role of Makerere University-institution” which revealed what the  university is currently doing to promote the use of the ICT support and suggestions from the lecturers. The third theme was called “introductory  training for new users of the ICT support-MUELE” and focused on the need for training of each new user of the ICT support. This ICT support has great  potential to involve learners in research and discussions; however, there is need to address difficulties such as expensive internet and limited computers.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2312-9239