Published: 2010-11-15

Phylogenetic and genomic relationships in the genus Malus based on RAPDs

O Adebayo, O Bola, W Opeyemi, M Gloria, O Temitope

Prevalence of malaria parasitaemia in the booking antenatal (ANC) patients at the Lagos state university teaching hospital

T Adetokunbo, O.I Akinola, L.A Shittu, T.A Ottun, M.A Bankole, R.A Akinola, R.K Shittu, A.I Okunribido

Protective antitumor activity induced by a fusion vaccine with murine beta-defensin2 and VE-cadherin in mouse models

J Xu, L Wang, J Zhao, G Wang, G Xie, Y Wu, H Li, X Du, P Diao, H Yang, Y Wen, R Wang, H Wu, Y Wei, Y Wang