Published: 2015-04-13

RP-HPLCdetermination of ginsenosides RG1 and RB1 in Panax ginseng fruits

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Antimicrobial potential of alkaloids and flavonoids extracted from Tamarix aphylla leaves against common human pathogenic bacteria

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Antibacterial and antifungal activities of the extract and fractions of aerial parts of Heliotropium bacciferum

S Ahmad, S Ahmad, I Bibi, NM AbdEl-Salam, H Hussain, MS Ishaq, M Adnan, A Tariq, R Ullah


Anti-giardia activity of hexane extract of Citrus aurantifolia (Christim) swingle and some of its constituents

IG Domínguez-Vigil, MdR Camacho-Corona, JA Heredia-Rojas, J Vargas-Villarreal, AO Rodríguez-De la Fuente, O Heredia-Rodríguez, BD Mata-Cárdenas


Evaluation of wound healing potential of Rumex vesicarius L. Leaf extract and fractions in rabbit.

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Cutaneous streptococcal abscess treated by photodynamic therapy

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Antiproliferation effects of selected Tanzania plants

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