Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences - Vol 10, No 5S (2018)

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Table of Contents


Retracted: Effect of olive leaf extract on calcaeous deposit from sea
N. Ghemmit-Doulache, N. Amghar, L. Bendifallah
Retracted: Physicochemical evaluation of the composting of different types of organic matter on some biological parameters of the manure worm (Eisenia foetida)
M.E.F. Aroun, B. Benhammouda, L. Bendifallah, Z.E. Djazouli
Retracted: Influence of phenological stages on chemical composition and antimicrobial activities of Teucrium polium essential oils from north east of Algeria
S. Daghbouche, A.E. Daghbouche, B. Boulessnam, S.A. Snoussi, Z.E. Djazouli
Retracted: Entomofauna associated with certain plants of the Fabaceae family through the Theniet El Had National Park (Tissemsilt)
K. Ghobrini, L. Bendifallah
Retracted: Physico-chemical and chromatographic characterization of the essential oil of Nigella sativa L. and evaluation of its antioxidant, hypoglycemic and antidiabetic activities
O. Bouchenak, K. Yahiaoui, N. Benhabyles, R. Laoufi, K. Arab
Retracted: Antibacterial activity of cumin (Cuminum cymminum L.) and cloves (Syzygium Aromaticum) essential oils, and their application to the preservation of minced meat
K. Yahiaoui, O. Bouchenak, S. Lefkir, N. Benhabyles, R. Laoufi, K. Arab
Retracted: Physical and chemical characterization of Stipa tenacissima
M. Chenah, M. Amrani, L. Bendifallah
Retracted: Effect of the potential difference applied on the removal of chromium by adsorption on activated carbon prepared from biomass waste material
M. Ziati, S. Hazourli, Z. Yahia
Retracted: Evaluation of the acaricide activity of Origanum vulgare essential oil on Varroa destructor parisite of Apis millifera intermissa and its chemical composition
R. Belguendouz, L. Bendifallah, F. Bouchareb
Retracted: Physico-chemical analysis and antioxidant capacity of essential oil from the leaves of Algerian Mentha x piperita L
N. Benhabyles-Bouttaba, R. Laoufi, O. Bouchenak, K. Yahiaoui, K. Arab
Retracted: Size optimization of 3D stereoscopic film frames
Nada Alramahi, Martin Bush, M. Rafiq Swash
Retracted: Optimization of mobile user data sharing on secure cloud
Naeem Th. Yousir
Retracted: Flexible scenarios to build a service oriented architecture on demand
Sami Hassan, Omar Sabraldeen Aziz
Retracted: Realistic applications of information technology in art
Sanaa Mohsin
Retracted: Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Techniques in detecting ddges for noisy images
Sami Hasan, Shereen S. Jumaa
Retracted: Raw tumor MRI edge detection using interval Type 2 Fuzzy inference system and adaptive filter
Sami Hasan, Shereen S. Jumaa
Retracted: Measuring prefered services from cloud computing providers using Linear Algebra
Yazeed Al Sayed Ali Al Maoiad, Zainab Abu Bakar, Najeeb Abbas Al-Sammarraie
Retracted: A modified wavelet neural network algorithm for indoor mobile robot navigation
Nadia Adnan Shiltagh Al-Jamali, Sami Hasan, Zainab Ibrahim Shihab
Retracted: Loop unrolling implementation of an AES Algorithm using Xilinx System Generator
Alshaima Q. Al-Khafaji, M.F. Al-Gailani
Retracted: Variable gain switchable controller based on genetic algorithm
Osama Ali Awad
Retracted: Platform use to support knowledge creation in group problem solving
S. Alkhabra, H. Haron, N. Abdullah
Retracted: The multi objective environmental load dispatch hybrid optimization solution
M.R.M. Ridzuan, E.E. Hassan, A.R. Abdullah, F.A. Kadir
Retracted: Mobile-augmented reality framework for students self-centred learning in higher education institutions
A.F. Bulagang, A. Baharum
Retracted: Fault detection approach in photovoltaic system using Mathematical method diagnosis
N. Muhammad, N.Z. Zakaria, S. Shaari, A.M. Omar
Retracted: A comparative study of conventional PID and intelligent Fuzzy-PID FordDC motor speed control
S.Y. Sim, H.H. Goh, W.M. Utomo, Y.M.Y. Buswig, A.J.M.S. Lim, K.C. Goh, N.M. Zin, C.L. Cham, M.Y. Ahmad
Retracted: Investigate the forecasting technique for electricity load demand in urban area via statistical approach
M.H. Jifri, E.E. Hassan, N.H. Miswan
Retracted: A fault types classification on distribution network using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
L.J. Awalin, M.I.A. Bakar, L.T. Tay, M.K. Rahmat
Retracted: Managing work activities for it worker using end-user segmentation
M.Y. Jusoh, H. Haron, J. Kaur
Retracted: Placement of combined photovoltaic and shunt capacitor to minimize power loss using heuristic quadratic curve fitting technique
M.F.A. Yusoff, N.A. Rahmat, N.F.A. Aziz, Z.M. Yassin, N.A. Wahab, N.A. Salim
Retracted: Rule-based expert system with uncertainty for dengue fever diagnosis
H. Hashim, N.M. Diah, N.A.M. Kamal
Retracted: New strategy for optimal load shedding incorporating power tracing index
R. Verayiah, A. Mohamed, H. Shareef
Retracted: DC brushless motor characterization instrument for multirotor design
H.C. Jayaseelan, F.H. Hashim, T. Raj, M.F. Ibrahim, A.B. Huddin
Retracted: Large solar PV interconnection on the transmission line of power system network
M.N.H.A. Badaruddin, K. Kamil, H. Hashim
Retracted: Optimal design and techno-economic analysis of hybrid system for a remote village
A.A.Y.M Abodwair, J. Pasupuleti, M.R.B. Khan
Retracted: Optimal undervoltage load shedding using multiobjective ant lion optimizer
Z.M. Yasin, N.A. Salim, I.N. Sam’on, N.A. Wahab, N.F.A. Aziz, N.A. Rahmat
Retracted: Music rhythm detection system to actuate a robodance movement
Y. Irawan Nuruss'adah, Y. Irawan, P. Siwindarto
Retracted: Improved Newton-Raphson with Levenberg-Marquardt methods for loads flow analysis
L.T Tay, W.C.F. Ong, L.J. Awalin
Retracted: Online support vector based gas emission prediction system for generation power plant
C.P. Chen, S.K. Tiong, J.D. Tan, S.P. Koh, Y.C. Fong
Retracted: Development of secondary concentrator for 1kW parabolic dish system
M.F. Ali, M.R.A. Ghani, C.K. Gan, S. Othman
Retracted: Relationship between the low positive charge region and multiplicity of return stroke in negative ground flash
Z.A. Baharudin, V. Cooray, M. Rahman, P. Hettiarachchi, N.A. Ahmad, N.Ab.A. Aziz, D. Johari, I. Musirin
Retracted: Reliability assessment of composite generation expansion planning considering wind turbine
M.M. Othman, N. Hassin, I. Musirin, N.A. Salim
Retracted: Non-invasive gliomas grading using bat algorithm
S. Ibrahim, M.H. Ramli, N.E.A. Khalid, M. Manaf
Retracted: Development of sixteen elements of microstrip triangular array antenna for circularly polarized-synthetic aperture radar sensor application
M.F.E. Purnomo, A. Kitagawa
Retracted: Impact of data transformation and preprocessing in supervised learning algorithm
G. Nadarajoo, N.F. Ab. Aziz, N.A. Rahmat, Z.M. Yasin, N.A. Wahab, N.A. Salim
Retracted: Improved swarm evolutionary-programming technique for voltage control in power system
H.I. Hashim, I. Musirin, M.K.M. Zamani
Retracted: MATLAB/Simulink power cable modelling for cable defects assessment
T.M. Kuan, S. Sulaiman, A.M. Ariffin, W.M.S.W. Shamsuddin
Retracted: Compliment response strategies: A comparison of Thai native speakers and Thai as second language learners
R.R. Chaisri
Retracted: On the stone worshipping medium pedewaq performed by Hindu worshippers and Wetu Telu muslims in Lingsar district, west Lombok Regency, Indonesia
M. Suastika, T.G.T. Nindhia, N.P.S. Budhawati
Retracted: House purchase decision-makings: Economic or non-economic factors?
N.A. Jalil, G.P. Samsudin, G.P. Tha, N.A. Abdul Karim, A. Hashim
Retracted: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): A study in tourism industry in Vietnam
V.M. Ngo, D. Pavelková, N.T.T. Do
Retracted: The usage of mobile application and customer loyalty
A.Z. Bahtar
Retracted: Authenticity in ethnic tourism performance analysis
W. Chusakul
Retracted: The study of consumer needs toward the hand-woven textiles handicraft group at Baan Na or, Muang district, Loei province
O. Chatchawan, W. Paisri
Retracted: Exploring dimensions of resort experience
L. Putit, N.M.S. Diyana, A.F. Aziz
Retracted: Stress coping strategies and its relation to quality of life among the Sarawak Malay entrepreneurs
N.M. Jurji, J. Kasuma, D.H.A.A. Rahman, I. Shahrinaz, M. Aren
Retracted: Factor analysis on the public open space affecting the housing price in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
M.Z. Asmawi, N. M. Noor, A. Abdullah, T. Paiman, A.R. Abd Aziz
Retracted: Understanding the relationship of tourism demands connecting with economy and tourism stock index in an extreme case of Thailand bivariate extreme value copula approach
S. Wannapan, C. Chaiboonsri, S. Sriboonchitta
Retracted: Effect of Cacl2 and CaCl2•2h2O on lecithin organosols
Y. K. Lee, H.Y. Lee
Retracted: Temperature effect on synthesis of amphiphilic gold nanoparticles
H.J. Jang, H.Y. Lee
Retracted: Augmented reality application in maintenance process and Inspection for automotive industry
E. Alostad, F. Abdul Aziz
Retracted: Virtual reality application in oil and gas industry
M. Shammar, F. Abdul Aziz
Retracted: Mode I fracture toughness of copper powder compact
A.A. Alabi, S.M. Tahir, M.A.A. Hanim, N.I. Zahari, M.S. Anuar
Retracted: Influence analysis of trigeneration on the level selection of heat supply centralization
A.Y. Aleksandrovich, K.A. Semenovich, S.M. Vsevolodovich, S.I. Kasyanovich, K. A. Aleksandrovich
Retracted: Modern high-speed electrolytes for electroplating profiled nickel sediments
M. Yu. Malkova, A.N. Zadiranov, P. Dkhar, E.F. Shaleeva
Retracted: Receiving powders of nano-dimensional fraction from working waste of metallurgical production
M. Yu. Malkova, A.N. Zadiranov, N.K. Ponomaryov, I.S. Andryushchenko
Retracted: Designing price stability model of red cayenne pepper price in Wonogiri district, centre java using Arch/Garch method
F. Dianawati, R.W. Purnomo
Retracted: The effect of shell local deviation on pressure vessel structure with stress analysis finite Elemen method
B. Fitriyana, J. Istiyanto, M. Perkasa
Retracted: Calculation of the CNC EDM complexity process for biomedical implants
M. Lassandy, H.D.S. Budiono, S. Supriadi, N. Qosim, Y. Whulanza
Retracted: The potential of unknown microorganisms on growth of Vetiver grass and Bermuda grass and nutrient uptake toward slope stabilization
M.N. Noorasyikin, M. Zainab
Retracted: The contributing factors of business process strategy on customer relationship management performance: A pilot study among SME’s logistic operators
M.F.M. Shah, N. Hussin, S. Wahab
Retracted: Effects of technology transfer factors on the royalty rate in the university
S. Chee, S. Kim
Retracted: Considerations on coordinated protection by connecting distributed generators to power system
H.J. Lee, S.M. Baek
Retracted: The study on the cobalt oxide-based composite electrocatalyst for electrochemical water oxidation
W.H. Lee, S. Park, S.K. Cho
Retracted: Construction of test-bed system of voltage management system to apply physical power system
S.M. Baek
Retracted: Experimental investigation of enzymatic fuel cells using TiO
K. Ishihara, K. Taguchi
Retracted: Numerical techniques for simulation of microbial depolymerization process with time factor of degradation rate
M. Watanabe, F. Kawai

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