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South African Society for Animal Science
Agricultural Research Council of South Africa
Department of Animal and Wildlife Sciences of the University of Pretoria

Peer Review

Guidelines for Reviewers

The following are the guidelines given to the reviewers of submissions to the South African Journal of Animal Science. It is advisable that prospective authors acquaint themselves with these points.

1. Does the manuscript represent an original contribution to current scientific knowledge of the principles or the application of principles governing the functioning of animals and their relationship to the physical or social environment?
2. Does the introduction indicate the status of current knowledge and motivate why the study was done? Is there a clear hypothesis?
3. Are the objectives of the study clearly defined?
4. Is the experimental design appropriate to resolve the stated objectives of the study?
5. Are the experimental techniques appropriate to resolve the stated objectives of the study and are full details thereof given?
     5.1. Are the treatments comparable?
     5.2. Are there sufficient experimental units per treatment to justify a comparison?
6. Are the results presented in an unbiased fashion, and are they presented in a clear, concise and complete manner?
7. Are all the tables/figures necessary? Do figures duplicate data in tables?
8. Is the discussion relevant and adequate for full interpretation of results without becoming speculative?
9. Do the results and discussion justify the conclusions drawn from the work?
10. Is the study acceptable from an ethical point of view, and is approval of that clearly stated in the text?

Open Access Policy


Copyright resides with the authors in terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 SouthAfrican Licence. See: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Users may copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work, but must recognise the authors and the South African Journal of Animal Science.

Publication Scheduling

One volume will be published per year, consisting of at least six issues, published at approximately 2 month intervals

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