Published: 2018-06-04

L’école du dos pour le traitement des lombalgies

Samia Chaib, Amine Gueroui, Said Gueroui


Functionally stable motion control of small autonomous aircraft

Ouissam Boudiba, Jijira Ivan Vladimirovich, Firsov Sergie Nikolaivich


Energetic evaluation of a perfect damped elastoplastic oscillator

Mahmoud Chenia, Abdelaziz Hammouda, Abdel Madjid Hacene Chaouch, Noël Challamel


Surface Characteristics Analysis and Adherence Evaluation of Hot-Dip Galvanized Low Alloy Steel

Lamia Darsouni, Mohamed Zine Touhami, Abdelkader Khettache, Omar Benchiheub


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eISSN: 2352-9717
print ISSN: 1111-4924