Policies: Submission of a manuscript implies that: 1) the work being described, in whole or substantial part, is not concurrently being considered for publication elsewhere; 2) those submitting them are willing to transfer their copyright to the publisher, if the article is accepted; 3) those contributing the manuscripts accept the Editor’s prerogative to effect changes to the manuscripts as may be deemed fit for purposes of quality assurance; and 4) in case of two or more authors, all the co-authors have endorsed the submission of the manuscript. Contributors must not use sexist language (e.g. the notion that man is a generic term that includes women). The information and views expressed in the JDS are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Journal, its staff, Uganda Martyrs University Institute of Ethics and Development Studies, Uganda Martyrs University or their collaborating institutions. Articles are published on the assumption that they are original and have not been published elsewhere. In the unlikely event that plagiarized materials are published, therefore, those submitting them, rather than the Journal, are to be held to account. All the articles published in the JDS are covered by copyright and may not be reproduced without the prior permission of the copyright owner. All the manuscripts submitted are subjected to careful screening by the Editor and, if found to be generally suitable for publication, subjected to double blind peer review. Manuscripts that are found to be generally unsuitable for publication in the JDS will not be submitted for peer review; rather, their contributors may be requested to make major revisions and resubmit.


Stylistic Requirements: Length: 4000 to 6000 words including references and footnotes; Language: English (US or UK but not a mixture of the two); Format: word processed, font face Times or Times New Roman, 12 points, double spacing; tables, figures and pictures, which should be kept to the minimum and used only if they must, should be clear and in their appropriate places in the body of the article; Abstract: 100 to 150 words, summarizing the objectives of the work being described, methods that were used, major findings/ conclusions and recommendations/implications; Keywords: provide 3 to 6 key words by which the article can be classified and indexed, avoiding prepositions such as “of”; References: use the name-date approach in citation and list all, and only, the references that have been cited in the text using the latest edition of the APA format; Footnotes: should be reserved for most essential use and must not be used to list the details of the references being cited; Title page; include concise title that describes the work (14 points, bold face and centre alignment), list authors (first name, middle name(s) and surname, 12 points, center alignment), add superscript Arabic numeral (starting at 1) after each surname and, on a new line, use the superscript numeral to indicate the institutional affiliations of the authors (authors from the same institution must be given the same number); Corresponding author: indicate corresponding author using an asterisk footnote after the numeral indicating his/her institutional affiliation as follows: * Corresponding author: e-mail.


Submission and enquiries: submit manuscripts, as Microsoft word attachments, and enquiries to the Editor at: jds@umu.ac.ug.

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