Published: 2013-09-06

In vitro evidence of possible influence of scutellarein towards bile acids’ metabolism

Z Shu-Yao, J Hong, L Chao-Xian, Z Zhi-Wei, D Xin, C Lei


Reduction of angiocidin contributes to decreased HepG2 cell proliferation

XG Guan, XQ Guan, K Feng, R Jian, D Tian, D Tian, HB Tong, X Sun


The importance of the mean platelet volume in the diagnosis of supraventricular tachycardia

T Ocak, A Erdem, A Duran, U Tekelioglu, S Öztürk, S Ayhan, FM Özlü, M Yazici


Psychiatric morbidity in stroke patients attending a neurology clinic in Nigeria

PO Ajiboye, OA Abiodun, MF Tunde-Ayinmode, OIN Buhari, EO Sanya, KW Wahab


Sexual dysfunction in Nigerian stroke survivors

AO Akinpelu, AA Osose, AC Odole, NA Odunaiya


Asymptomatic bacteriuria in diabetes mellitus patients in Southwest Cameroon

MEA Bissong, PN Fon, FO Tabe-Besong, TN Akenji


Effects of traditional Chinese medicine on rats with Type II diabetes induced by high-fat diet and streptozotocin: A urine metabonomic study

H Zhao, Z Li, G Tian, K Gao, Li Zhiyong, B Zhao, J Wang, L Luo, Q Pan, W Zhang, Z Wu, J Chen, W Wang


Immunohistochemical expression of latent membrane protein 1 (LMP1) and p53 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Moroccan experience

I Tabyaoui, Z Serhier, S Sahraoui, S Sayd, R Cadi, OM Bennani, A Benider, S Zamiati, JN Tahiri


Environmental exposure to carcinogens in northwestern Cameroon

DS Nsagha, AJ Sasco, JCN Assob, AL Njunda, CW Shey, HLF Kamga


Chronic inflammatory cells and damaged limbal cells in pterygium

P Anguria, T Carmichael, S Ntuli, J Kitinya


Factors affecting mortality of critical care trauma patients

AF Hefny, K Idris, HO Eid, FM Abu-Zidan


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