Published: 2021-04-08

Prognostic implication of hypocalcaemia in COVID-19: a systematic review

T.A. Azeez, S. Lakoh, O.T. Bamidele, E. Ekhaiyeme, S.A. Nwosu


Recent advances in the pathophysiology and management of sepsis: a review

B.A. Adegboro, J. Imran, S.A. Abayomi, E.O. Sanni, S.A. Biliaminu


Quality of metagenomic DNA extracted for molecular identification of microorganisms from CSF samples of patients with suspected cerebrospinal meningitis in northern Nigeria

I.C. Peletiri, E.I. Ikeh, E. Nna, U.P. Ndike, Y.B. Usman, L.D. Durfa, C.N. Okonkwo, R. Murtala, C.R. Nnajide


Faecal carriage of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in healthy volunteers and hospitalized patients in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: prevalence, resistance profile, and associated risk factors

S. Soré, S. Sanou, Y. Sawadogo, S. Béogo, S.N.P. Dakouo, M.D. Djamalladine, K.S. lboudo, B. Ouoba, J. Zoungrana, A. Poda, A.S. Ouédraogo, I. Sanou


Intestinal schistosomiasis in an apparently healthy rural population in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

E.M. Odoya, E.U. Edosomwa, O.I. Iribhogbe, A.A. Damina, O.A. Asojo


Salmonella Dublin associated with abortion in dairy cattle in Algiers and comparison of different diagnostic methods

Dj Hezil, S. Zaidi, H. Benseghir, R. Zineddine, N. Benamrouche, F. Ghalmi


Point prevalence survey of antimicrobial consumption and resistance: 2015-2018 longitudinal survey results from Nigeria

C.D. Umeokonkwo, O.O. Oduyebo, A. Fadeyi, A. Versporten, O.I. Ola-Bello, A. Fowotade, C.J. Elikwu, I. Pauwels, A. Kehinde, A. Ekuma, H. Goossens, A.N. Adedosu, I.N. Nwafia, P. Nwajiobi-Princewill, F.T. Ogunsola, A.T. Olayinka, K.C. Iregbu


Roll out of a successful antimicrobial stewardship programme in Lagos University Teaching Hospital Nigeria using the Global-Point Prevalence Survey

P.O. Oshun, A.A. Roberts, C.S. Osuagwu, P.E. Akintan, I.B. Fajolu, O.I. Ola-Bello, O.O. Odukoya, B. Akodu, A.A. Okunowo, A. Versporten, I. Pauwels, H. Goosens, A.A. Busari, A.W. Olusanya, O. Nwaiwu, E.O. Temiye, A.O. Osibogun, C.O. Bode, Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee, O.O. Oduyebo


Empirical antibiotherapy as a potential driver of antibiotic resistance: observations from a point prevalence survey of antibiotic consumption and resistance in Gombe, Nigeria

M.M. Manga, M. Ibrahim, U.M. Hassan, R.H. Joseph, A.S. Muhammad, M.A. Danimo, O. Ganiyu, A. Versporten, O.O. Oduyebo


Antibiogram of Pseudomonas species: an important tool to combat antibiotic resistance for patient safety in Gombe, Nigeria

M.M. Manga, M. Ibrahim, E.W. Isaac, M.D. Hassan, G. Muhammad, U.M. Hassan, Z. Yunusa-Kaltungo


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