African Journal of Neurological Sciences - Vol 22, No 2 (2003)

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Table of Contents


Le Grand Age en Afrique
The Elderly Population in Africa (Francais)
Mohamadou Diagana, Pierre-Marie Preux, Michel Druet-Cabanac, Waruingi Macharia, Jean Kabore, Gilbert Avode Dossou, Eric G. Grunitzky, Ernest Beugré Kouassi, Moussa Traore, Mongi Ben Hamida, Ansoumame Condet, Leopold Nzisabira, Michel Dumas, Michel Allard
SIAPEM - Brazilian Software Database for Multiple Sclerosis Research in Tropical Countries (English)
Papais Alvarenga, Leon Alves, Tilbery, Poser, Claudia Maria Miranda-Santos
Polyradiculonevrites Post-Vaccinales a Rechutes Observees en Cote D\'Ivoire
Recurrent Polyradiculoneuropathies Following Vaccination in Cote D\'Ivoire (Francais)
Ange-Michel Datie, Berthe Assi, Pascale Cowppli-Boni, Evelyne Aka-Diarra, Thérèse Sonan-Douayoua, Félix Boa Yapo, Ernest Beugré Kouassi
Epilepsy in Schools in Cotonou (Benin)
Epilepsie en Milieu Scolaire a Cotonou (Benin) (English)
Gilbert Avode Dossou, Dismand Houinato, Marius Tevoedjre, Constant Adjien, Thierry Adoukonou, Fernand Guedou
Effectiveness of Sumatriptan for Acute Treatment of Migraine Headache in an African Population (English)
OA Oluwole Steven, S.A. Bwala, A.C. Nwabueze, O. Davies Abiola
“Myasthenia Gravis and Anesthesia – A Review of the Literature” (English)
Ogun Shamsideen Abayomi, A.O. Oyegunle
Granulome à cholestérine de l\'apex pétreux. Intérêt de l\'irm CHOLESTEROL Granuloma of the petrous apex. MRI contribution (Francais )
Hassane En-Nouali, Driss Bassou, Abdelkrim Karouach, Souad Chaouir, Touria Amil, Ahmed Hanine, Ahmed Hanine, Benameur Mohammed, Ahmed Hanine, Ahmed Hanine, Ahmed Hanine, Ahmed Hanine, Ahmed Hanine
Cerebellar Haemangioblastoma in Pregnancy: A Report of 2 Cases Suggesting Accelerated Growth
Les Hemangioblastomes Cerebelleux : a Propos de 2 Cas Suggerant Une Acceleration de Leur Developpement Durant la Grossesse (English)
David B. Carter, Peter Jonathan Clemence, Semple Patrick Lyle

ISSN: 1015-8618
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