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Acta Structilia

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Page Header Logo Acta Structilia Journal is a South African accredited national journal for independently adjudicated research articles on any topic in the field of the physical and development sciences on subjects in any applicable field of scholarship, i.e. architecture, urban and regional planning, quantity surveying, construction management and project management, building economy, engineering and property or community development. 

African Journal of Accounting and Social Science Studies

AJASSS, the journal of the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy, welcomes research papers concerning all aspects relevant to Accounting, Procurement and Logistic Management, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Market and Public Relations, Management and other Business related studies.

African Journal of Finance and Management

Page Header Logo The African Journal of Finance and Management is designed to carry articles, announcements, notes and reports on in-depth, theoretical and empirical research, analysis of field experience and significant new developments in finance, management, banking, accountancy, insurance, social security, computers and related areas.

African Journal of Management Research

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Page Header Logo Topics and themes appropriate for African Journal of Management Research will come from and cut across organisational/institutional sectors (public, private, non-for-profit) and address matters of theory, research and practice from a variety of management and organisational disciplines including: Finance, Operations, Human Resource, Organisational Behaviour, Marketing Services, Public Administration, Health Services Management, and Information systems.AJMR aims to serve management and business academics.

African Review of Economics and Finance

Page Header Logo The African Review of Economics and Finance (AREF) is the official journal of the African Review of Economics and Finance Consult (AREF Consult). The journal welcomes high quality articles in theoretical and empirical economics, with special emphasis on African economies. Theoretical contributions can be either innovation in economic theory or rigorous new applications of existing theory. Pure theory papers include, but are by no means limited to, those in behavioural economics and decision theory, game theory, general equilibrium theory, contract theory, public finance, financial economics, industrial organisation, labour economics, development theory and the theory of economic mechanisms.
At the same time AREF publishes papers of high quality dealing with the confrontation of relevant economic theory with observed data through the use of adequate econometric methods. Empirical papers cover topics such as estimation of established relationships between economic variables, testing of hypotheses derived from economic theory, policy evaluation, simulation, forecasting, methodology, econometric methods and measurement.
As a general interest journal, AREF emphasizes the replicability of empirical results. Replication studies of important results in the literature - both with positive or negative results - may be published as short papers in AREF. Authors are expected to make available their data set in case readers, editors or referees should want to replicate results reported in submitted contributions. AREF also welcomes book reviews, and special issues of international conferences and workshops.
Other websites related to this journal: https://upjournals.co.za/index.php/AREF/index and https://journals.co.za/content/journal/aref/browse?page=previous-issues

Botswana Journal of Economics

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Page Header Logo The Botswana Journal of Economics is a professional journal established for the dissemination of contemporary economic issues–theoretical, methodological, and policy relevant–in the context of both the immediate environment and the wider international community.

Ethiopian Journal of Business and Economics (The)

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Page Header Logo The Ethiopian Journal of Business and Economics (EJBE) is a biannual peer-reviewed publication of the College of Business and Economics, Addis Ababa University. It seeks to encourage thinking among academics, practitioners and policy makers in the fields of Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business Management, and Public Administration and Development Management. Equally important, its main mission is to stimulate research-based and inter- and multi-disciplinary debate on the issues involving the four fields particularly as these pertain to the Ethiopian setting and development challenges. EJBE publishes research reports, book reviews, and Master’s thesis and PhD dissertation (abridged versions or chapters). Academic articles and other publishable works from related disciplines are also welcome. EJBE is an authoritative and refereed journal.
This journal content is now open access and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND.

International Journal of Development and Management Review

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The journal aims to be proactive in initiating and sustaining quality academic debates in social Development and Management practices and theories while providing an institutional framework for the dissemination of such ideas through the publication of quality journals.

Journal of Business and Administrative Studies

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Page Header Logo JBAS’ purpose is to provide practitioners and scholars opportunities for research based debate as well as discourse in the fields of finance, economics, marketing, and public and development management and governance and related fields, disciplines and professions, particularly, as these relate to Ethiopia. JBAS is a bi-annual journal published by St Mary University College.

Journal of Business Research

Page Header Logo The Journal of Business Research (JBR) is an International journal published by the Institute of Professional Studies in collaboration with relevant professional and academic institutions. The JBR is a bi - yearly refereed publication. The Journal of Business Researchseeks to promote and disseminate knowledge in the various disciplines of Management, Accounting, Marketing and other related disciplines which address issues of concern to business and commerce particularly in developing economies.  

KCA Journal of Business Management

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Page Header Logo The Journal seeks papers that are well grounded in the theory and practice of business which are relevant to scholars, educators, and practitioners of business. The articles should have strong theoretical contributions and demonstrate a linkage to their application in the practice of business. Moreover, the articles should be based on empirical research either qualitative or quantitive or book reviews. See http://www.kcajournals.com/index for more information.

LBS Management Review

Page Header Logo The Lagos Business School Management Review is published by management professionals for practising managers without sacrificing academic standards. It carries articles on all aspects of management that reflect issues growing out of management research relevant to Africa and it provides up-to-date information on the economy.

les cahiers du cread

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Page Header Logo Our Journal “les cahiers du cread” is a quarterly economic review publishing original findings of empirical research and theoretical debates on fields pertaining to our mission coverage (Macro Economics, Industrial Economics and Firms, Human Development & Social Economics, Agriculture & Environment).
Other websites associated with this journal are: http://www.cread.dz

Management & Economics Research Journal

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Page Header Logo Management & Economics Research Journal is a peer-reviewed biannual international journal and free of charge (not charge any article processing charges "APCs" or publication fees), It is also a fully open-access journal for readers and authors, issued regularly by the Faculty of Economics, Commercial and Management Sciences - Ziane Achour University of Djelfa (Governmental university affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Algeria), in two issues (March and September) from each year. The Journal is interested in the following fields of research (Business, Management, and Economics).
For further information, please visit the journal website: www.mer-j.com

Nigeria Journal of Business Administration

Page Header Logo The Nigeria Journal of Business Administration has as its principal goal the promotion of academic excellence in research in the management sciences and the exchange of information between the academic, professional and business worlds. Each issue is designed to inform researchers and practising managers of on-going developments in management and their practice. Articles are carefully selected to provide the reader with an analytical, application-oriented approach to managerial problems.

Securities Market Journal

South African Actuarial Journal

Page Header Logo South African Actuarial Journalis published by the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA). It is issued free to members of ASSA and will also be made available to them on the Society's website for access via the Internet. The focus of SAAJ is on actuarial research–particularly, but not exclusively, on research of relevance to South Africa. The subject matter must, however, lie within the scope of actuarial work and be relevant and of interest to at least a minority of the profession in South Africa. 
Other websites related to this journal: http://www.actuarialsociety.org.za/Professionalresources/SAActuarialJournal.aspx
Actuarial Society of South Africa (SAAJ) content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence.
For details see: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0

Southern African Business Review

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Page Header Logo The Southern African Business Review serves as a vehicle for the publication and dissemination of research in the fields of the economic and management sciences.  Research contributions should conform to high standards of scholarly research inquiry.  The following should at least be addressed:  purpose/objective of the article, sound conceptualisation/theoretical foundation, statement of the research problem or hypothesis, research methodology (where applicable), analysis/discussion of research findings (where applicable) and conclusion.Other websites related to this journal: https://upjournals.co.za/index.php/SABR/index