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African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences

Page Header Logo The African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences (AJPHES) is a peer-reviewed journal established to:
i) provide a forum for health specialists, researchers in physical activity, professionals in human movement studies as well as other sport-related professionals in Africa, the opportunity to report their research findings based on African settings and experiences, and also to exchange ideas among themselves. Research-related contributions by specialists in physical activity and health sciences from other continents are also welcome.
ii) afford the professionals and other interested individuals in these disciplines the opportunity to learn more about the practice of the disciplines in different parts of the continent.
iii) create an awareness in the rest of the world about the professional practice in the disciplines in Africa.
AJPHES publishes research papers that contribute to knowledge and practice, and also develops theory either as new information, reviews, confirmation of previous findings, application of new teaching/coaching techniques and research notes. Letters to the editor relating to the materials previously published in AJPHES could be submitted within 3 months after publication of the article in question. Such letter will be referred to the corresponding author and both the letter and response will be published concurrently in a subsequent issue of the journal.
Manuscripts are considered for publication in AJPHES based on the understanding that they have not been published or submitted for publication in any other journal. In submitting papers for publication, corresponding authors should make such declarations. Where part of a paper has been published or presented at congresses, seminars or symposia, reference to that publication should be made in the acknowledgement section of the manuscript.
AJPHES is published quarterly, i.e. in March, June, September and December.
Supplements/Special editions are also published periodically.

African Musicology Online

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo African Musicology Online is a high quality open-access, peer-reviewed and refereed multidisciplinary research journal, dedicated to serve the society by the global dissemination of information through an unparalleled commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation in research work. African Musicology Online welcomes and acknowledges high quality theoretical and empirical original research papers, case studies, review papers, literature reviews and conceptual framework from researchers, academicians, professionals, practitioners and students from all over the world. African Musicology Online engages its noble efforts for the development and endeavours to give you the best.

Other websites associated with this journal: http://www.utafitionline.com/index.php/amo/index

AFRREV IJAH: An International Journal of Arts and Humanities

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo IJAH: International Journal of Arts and Humanities, is a Peer Reviewed Journal by International Association of African Researchers and Reviewers, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia and was also incorporated in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission. It is a forum for research on all aspects of arts and humanities. It publishes articles, reviews and scholarly comments relating to the arts and humanities.
It focuses both on conceptual or theoretical approaches and case studies or essays demonstrating how advanced information technologies further scholarly understanding of traditional topics in the arts and humanities. The journal also welcomes submissions on policy, epistemological, and pedagogical issues insofar as they relate directly to computing-based arts and humanities research.

  • Publication within a short period after acceptance

  • About four editions in a year – (January, April, July and September)

  • On-line publication in advance of the printed journal.

  • Papers abstract/indexed by major indexing services 

Other websites associated with this journal: http://afrrevjo.net/?q=ijah_home/archive

Annales Aequatoria

Page Header Logo As of 2010 Annales Aequatoria has ceased publication.
Cette revue sort une fois par année (environ 600 pages par numéro), publiant des articles en français et en anglais (d'autres langues peuvent également êtres acceptées) et encourage des études sur les langues, les littératures, les sociétés et l'histoire d'Afrique Centrale en général, et sur les Mongo en particulier.
The Journal covers a wide range of subjects; African Linguistics, Cultural Anthropology, Literature in Bantu languages, History, Archaeology etc.
Former issues of Aequatoria (1937-1962) and Annales Aequatoria (1980-1999) are available as open access here.
Please note, this journal is no longer publishing.

Creative Artist: A Journal of Theatre and Media Studies

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Creative Artist is an annual publication devoted to the advancement of knowledge in all areas of Theatre and Media arts

Critical Arts

Page Header Logo CRITICAL ARTS examines the relationship between texts and contexts of media in the Third World, cultural formations and popular forms of expression. It aims to create a space for an African and Third World perspective of media (both formal and informal) in culture and social theory.

CRITICAL ARTS aims to challenge and engage conventional academic practices which reinforce undemocratic relations in society.

EJOTMAS: Ekpoma Journal of Theatre and Media Arts

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Ekpoma Journal of Theatre and Media Arts (EJOTMAS) is committed to the promotion of scholarship in all the areas of Drama and Theatre, Media and Communication, Music and Dance, Performance Studies and other fields in the Arts and Humanities.
Other websites associated with this journal: http://www.aauekpoma.edu.ng/ 

International Journal of Basic, Applied and Innovative Research

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo International Journal of Basic, Applied and Innovative Research (IJBAIR) [ISSN: 2315-5388; E-ISSN: 2384 - 681X] is a peer reviewed Journal Publication of Anthonio Research Center and the International Society of Science Researchers (ISSCIR). IJBAIR accepts research articles, review articles, short reports, and commentaries that are related to the fields of Art and Biology, as well as Medical, Natural and Social SciencesOther websites related to this journal: www.anrescentpub.com

Journal of the Association of Nigerian Musicologists

Page Header Logo The objectives of Journal of the Association of Nigerian Musicologists are to develop musicology as a field through research and publication of highly standard articles; to enhance quality scholarship in Nigerian music and to promote Nigerian musicology internationally

Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa

Page Header Logo The Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa (JMAA) is published by NISC (Pty) Ltd in association with the South African College of Music at the University of Cape Town. It is an accredited, internationally refereed journal that aims to combine ethnomusicological, musicological, music educational and performance-based research in a unique way to promote the musical arts on the African continent. This journal also incorporates book, audio and audiovisual media and software reviews.Read more here

Lagos Notes and Records

Page Header Logo Lagos Notes and Records is an annual, interdisciplinary journal of the humanities. It is devoted to the publication of well-researched articles in all the subjects in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Law. In addition to original articles, the journal publishes review articles, brief accounts of work in progress, notes and comments on issues arising out of recent publications.

Mgbakoigba: Journal of African Studies

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Mgbakoigba welcomes original and incisive contributions engaging historical and contemporary issues relevant to the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Environmental Sciences, especially as they affect the field of African Studies. Its main emphasis is to generate and construct a new agenda for approaching history, methodology and theory in African knowledge production. Considering new frameworks for reflecting and addressing issues arising from the present context of economic, political, cultural and technological changes, the journal aims to establish a platform to revisit the grand teleological narration of progress and modernity where Africa has always been denied intellectual agency and subjectivity.  The editors seek research papers and innovative essays engaging new debates, exhibition review essays, cultural events, responses to contemporary cultural criticisms in the relevant disciplines. All work submitted are subject to peer review. All submissions must not exceed 6, 000 word papers. 
All manuscripts and inquiries should be directed to the editor: Dr. Okechukwu Nwafor;  Email: mgbakoigba@gmail.com

Nigeria Theatre Journal: A Journal of the Society of Nigeria Theatre Artists

 This Journal is Open Access
The journal publishes themed articles from SONTA Annual International Conference, which usually applies itself to current issues of national or international importance but approached from the varied areas of theatre scholarship and practice. Technically, the hard copies of NTJ are made available at SONTA conferences. This is because it is owned and sponsored by the Society of Nigeria Theatre Artists (SONTA). There is virtually no subscription in print because the Association underwrites its production and shares copies among its members at annual international conferences. There are no author charges for author submissions. Articles are drawn from SONTA international conferences and published annually. NTJ is freely available online. However, SONTA members pay their annual dues and conference fees annually and such members could be considered as NTJ subscribers in addition to any other interested institutions or persons.

Other websites associated with this journal: http://www.sonta.org

Nigerian Music Review

Page Header Logo Nigerian Music Review is aimed at the scholarly review of the developments in various musical practices in Nigeria. It considers well researched articles in any of the following areas: Musicology, Ethnomusicology, African Music, Music Education, Performance, Composition, Music Technology, Music & Related Disciplines, Book/Album Reviews etc.

OYE: Ogun Journal of Arts

Page Header Logo OYE: Ogun Journal of Arts is an annual publication devoted to publishing articles relevant to the development of the humanities. Essays in any of the regular disciplines of the humanities: language, linguistics, communication arts, history, theatre arts or performing arts, history and diplomatic studies or international relations, philosophy, religious studies, film, etc., are normally peer-reviewed before publication. Book reviews and commentaries pertinent to humanistic studies are also considered for publication.

Science, Technology and Arts Research Journal

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo This Journal publishes original research work  (including theoretical/conceptual, empirical and critical studies), review articles, Debates, Teaching Cases, Invited articles, conference reports, short communications, case report, Ethics Forum, Education contribute significantly to further the scientific  knowledge related to the field of Science, Technology and Arts.
STAR Journal hopes that researchers, research  scholars, academicians, industrialists publication for the development in the field of Science, Technology and Arts.
Other websites related to this journal: http://www.starjournal.org/

South African Journal of African Languages

Page Header Logo The South African Journal of African Languages is a peer-reviewed research journal devoted to the advancement of African (Bantu) and Khoe-San languages and literatures. Papers, book reviews and polemic contributions of a scientific nature in any of the core areas of linguistics, both theoretical (e.g. syntax, phonology, semantics) and applied (e.g. sociolinguistic topics, language teaching, language policy), and literature, based on original research in the context of the African languages, are welcome. The journal is the official mouthpiece of the African Language Association of Southern Africa (ALASA), established in 1979.
Read more here

South African Music Studies

Page Header Logo SAMUS: South African Music Studies is the official organ for the South African Society for Research in Music (SASRIM). It gives priority to the publication of research on South African music, but continues to represent the wider field of research interests in the country and in the rest of Africa. The journal invites work from any of the sub-disciplines in music studies, including musicology, ethnomusicology, popular music studies, music theory and music education, as well as research that draws connections between music and other fields in the arts and humanities. Other websites related to this journal: http://reference.sabinet.co.za/sa_epublication/samus1More information can be found on http://www.sasrim.ac.za This journal is also indexed in RILM Abstracts, The Music Index.

Town and Regional Planning

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Town and Regional Planning is a South African accredited journal for independently adjudicated research articles on applicable topics in town, urban and regional planning. 

Zede Journal

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Zede is a scientific journal on engineering science and application, produced under the auspices of the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, Addis Ababa University. The main objective of the journal is to publish research articles, findings and discussions on engineering sciences, technology and architecture thereby assisting in the dissemination of engineering knowledge and methodologies in solving engineering problems. Technical Notes of significant contribution may be considered for publication.Other websites related to this journal: http://www.aait.edu.et/index.php?id=112