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This is an open-access journal covering all aspects of medicine include clinical trials in different areas of treatment, diagnostic, measurements-focused, observational, prognostic and qualitative studies, as well as systematic reviews, meta-analyses and case reports. Users have the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search.

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Published: 2024-07-12

Autologous Reflected Pericardial Flap Coverage of Post-Resection Bronchial Stump; Was it Effective in Preventing Broncho-Pleural Fistula in Children?

Ahmed H. Lamloum, Ihab Mohamed Salah Eldin Elsharkawy, Hassan Alsisi, M. ElZayadi, Mahmoud A. Wkee, Ahmed M. Elwakeel


Study of Platelet-Rich Plasma Local Injection in Idiopathic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Samar G. Soliman, Alaa A. Labeeb, Saga F. El-Gazzar, Aya M. Allam


Study of Interleukin 33 Gene Polymorphism in Egyptian Patients with Allergic Rhinitis

Ahmed Mohsen Seleit, Kassem Mohamed Kassem, Awad Mohamed El Abd, Mohammed Ahmed Mohieeldin, Inas A. Ahmed, Mostafa Gomaa Sobhy


Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Gestational Sac, Yolk Sac, Embryonic Heart Rate and Crown Rump Length as Prognostic Factors for First Trimester Pregnancy Outcomes

Ayman El Sayed Solyman, Hamed Elsayed Ellakwa, Adel Gaber Allam, Hasnaa Samir Aboumosalam Mousa, Eman Said Badr


Predictive Factors of Refractory Epilepsy

Mohamed Magdy Ezzat, Mohamed El-Said Ahmed, Samir Mohamed Attia, Mohamed Abd-ElSalam Mohamed


Effect of Modified Furlow Vs Two-Flap Technique on Eustachian Tube Function

Mahmoud Sobhy Allam, Samir Ahmed Abdelmaged, Mamdouh M. Aboulhassan, Kamal A. A. Hassanein, Islam A. Amer


Impact of Vascular Access Type on Inflammatory Biomarkers and Clinical Outcomes in Haemodialysis Patients

Fatma Abdelrahman Ahmed, Mikhaiel Gerges Boshra, Heba Wahid Mohamed El Said, Ahmed Mohamed Tawfik


Value of Systemic Inflammatory Response Index as a Novel Prognostic Biomarker and Severity Assessment in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

Elsayed Abdelkhalik El Darky, Hazem Abdelraouf Mohamed Khadra, Ali Ibrahim Atia, Mahmoud Saeed Abdalnaby


Comparative Study between Erector Spinae Plane Block versus Intravenous Morphine as Postoperative Analgesia after Spine Surgeries

Khaled Mohamed Hassan, Hamza Abo Alam Mahmoud, Mohamed Abo Elhamd Abd Elrahman, Khaled Abdelfattah Mohamed Abdelfattah


Effect of Glycemic Control Using Different Antidiabetic Drugs on Cognitive Functions in Experimentally-Induced Type 2DM: A Comparative Study

Omnia Ameen , Safaa M. Saleh, Gerges S. Yousef, Rania I. Yassien, Nasra D. Raslan, Essam O. Hendy


Clinical Characteristics, Outcomes, and Prognosis among Cancer Patients with Acute Kidney Injury: A Single-Center Study at Sohag Cancer Center

Ahmed M.A. Ismail, Mariam A. Naom, Bahaa M. Refaie, Nesma Magdy Ahmed, Sahar A. Allam, Ahmed M. Elhalwagy


Serum Zonulin as a Marker of Intestinal Mucosal Barrier Function in Chronic Liver Diseases in Pediatrics

Mohammed Abdel-Elsalam Elguindi, Alif Abdel-Hakim Allam, Gihan Ahmed Sobhy, Mohammed Fathy Mahmoud Mostafa, Ahmed Salah Abd Elgawad


Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter Measured by Trans-Cranial Ultrasound in Children with Acute Liver Failure

Nermin Mohamed Adawy, Magdy Anwer Saber, Mohammed Shawky Al Warraky, Gihan Ahmed Sobhy, Shaimaa Samy Goda, Muhammad Ahmed Magdy


Ultrasonographic and Electrophysiologic Assessment of Ulnar and Median Nerves in Spastic Upper Limbs in Chronic Stroke Patients

Mohamed Salem Mosalam Ali, Ahmad Osama Hosny, Mohamed Ebrahem Negm, Mohamed Abdelfattah Elsamahy, Iman Ahmed Yassine

1431- 1436

Role of Lactoferrin in Prevention of Premature Rupture of Membranes

Mohammed Abd Elhady Mohammed, Amr Ali Sharaf Eldeen, Amira Emam Ahmed, Mai Abd Elgelil Abd Elmoneem Boshnak

1437- 1442

Effect of Chronic Endometritis Treatment on The Outcome of ICSI in Patients with Repeated Implantation Failure

Haitham AboAli Hamza, Said Abd Al-Aty Saleh, Mohamed Ismail Sabry, Shokry Abd Al Azeem Elshershaby, Mohamed Tawfik Khalaf Allah

1458- 1461

Estimation of Serum Levels of Pentraxin 3 in Infants with Congenital Heart Disease for Early Detection of Pulmonary Hypertension

Somaia Abdel Samie Elwan , Hesham Abdel Aziz Elghaiaty, Abdel Aziz Abdel Atty Mahmoud, Yasser Mahmoud Ismail


Peri-conception Nematode Parasitosis Is an Ecological Problem but Solely Is Not a Risk for Complicated Pregnancy

Youssef Abdel Zaher, Marwa Mohamed Naguib, Emad M. Abdelrahman, Dina Abdelhady Mohammed, Hamasat Abdelhafiz Elnoury, Ali A. Morsy

1469- 1477

Incidence and Outcome of Hypocalcaemia after Total Thyroidectomy

Naser A. Zaher, Emad M. Abdelrahman, Atef A. Salem, Mohamed M. Debes, Marwa M. Yosry, Mohamed E. Zayed

1478- 1482

Association between Hyperparathyroidism and Intradialytic Hypertension in Prevalent Hemodialysis Patients

Khaled Gouda, Saeed Abdelwahaab Saeed, Amira Mahmoud Mahmoud, Mohamed Ali Ezzat

1490- 1496

Predictors of Depressive Symptoms among Menoufia University Students, Egypt

Nagwa Nashat Hegazy, Emad Samir Al-Hanafy Saleh, Marwa Mohammad Mohasseb

1501- 1507

Assessment of Sarcopenia as an Indicator of Malnutrition in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis

Ala'a Mohamed Shatla, Hazem Omar, Mohamed Abd El Raouf Tawfic, Wael Farag

1508- 1518

Microneedling as a Mode of Delivery of Topical Medications: A Comprehensive Review

Sara Mahmoud Fahmi, Ahmed Mohamed Hamed, Nader Nasr Nazmy

1532- 1535

Association of Hypoalbuminemia in Preeclampsia with Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes

Abdel Moneim Mohamed Zakaria, Ahmed Abd Elmoez Ali Saad, Hazem Said Salem Hassan, Abdel Monsef Abdel Ghaffar Moustafa

1550- 1558

Impact of Vitamin D Supplementation on Head and Neck Cancer Patients Receiving Radiotherapy

Reham Ahmed Abdelaziz, Enas Elkhouly, Amira Hegazy, Lama Kamal, Ashraf Abd El Ghany

1568- 1575

Valuable Role of Beta-D-Glucan in The Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infections in Patients with Hematological Malignancies

Heba Ezzat Hashem , Mohamed H. Attia, Esam Abd El Wahed Hasan , Dina Mohamed Abdou

1576- 1584

Role of Three-Dimensional Multi-Slice Color Flow Doppler in Diagnosis of Morbid Adherent Placenta

Haitham Abo Ali Hamza, Ayman Abd El Kader Shabana, Mohamed ZakariaSayer Dayer, Ahmed Yehia Ahmed Kabil, Heba Farag Salama

1585- 1595

SARS-CoV-2: Immunoglobulins levels in Infected and Post-Vaccinated Subjects

Heba Shafeak Abd El Khalik, Walid Mohamed Attiah, Neveen George El Antouny , Ahmed Abdulsaboor Mohammed, Manal Mohamed Elgerby

1596- 1600

Prevalence, Pattern and Factors Associated with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy in Benha City, Egypt

Ahmed Khedr Mohammed, Rasha O. Abdelmoniem, Mohammed S. Saleh, Ayman M. Elbadawy, Walaa M. Ibrahim

1608- 1618

Comparison between Watchful Waiting Strategy and Early Initiation of Renal Replacement Therapy in The Critically Ill Acute Kidney Injury

Amr M. Elhammady, Eman Mohamed Nageb, Mohamed El-Sayed El-Gendy, Hytham Anis Tolba, Yomna Mohammed Marie

1619- 1624

Detection of Preoperative Cardiac Abnormalities in Asymptomatic Patients Undergoing Low to Intermediate Risk Non-Cardiac Surgery

Mohamed Magdy Ibrahim Elasfer, Ahmed Ashraf Reda, Ahmed Mokhtar Elkersh, Neveen Ibrahim Samy

1630- 1636

The Prevalence of Valvular and Vascular Calcifications in Prevalent Hemodialysis Patients

Ashraf Hassan Abdelmobdy, Ahmed Yehia Ramadan Salam, Nouran Abdel Fattah, Marwa Shaban Abd El Samea

1649- 1657

Early Patellar Related Complications after Total Knee Arthroplasty

Mohamed El-Sawy Habib, Ashraf Saber Mohamed El Dsh, Ahmed Abdel-Monem Dewidar

1658- 1663

Strangulated Inguinal Hernia in Mansoura: Clinico-Epidemiological Study

Mohamed Mahmoud Noaman Higazy, Tamer Youssef Mohamed, Atef Mohamed Abdellatif, Mohamed Mostafa Mahmoud

1664- 1670

Study of Doppler-derived Myocardial Performance Index in Growth-restricted Fetuses as a Predictor of Adverse Perinatal Outcome

Haitham A. Hamza, Zakaria F. Sanad, Ragab M. Dawood, Alaa N. Mohamed El Ghazaly, Ibrahim A. Seif El Nasr

1679- 1685

Study of Serum Omentin-1 and IL-6 in Patients with Obesity, Hypertension and Hypertensive Nephropathy

Mabrouk Ibrahim Ismail, Mohammed Ghanem Gabr, Nafesa Mohammed Kamal, Amir Mohamed Elokely, Samia Hassan El-Shishtawy

1686- 1696

Potential Role of IL-6 in Inflammatory Arthritis: A Comparative Study

Athar E. El-Fetiany, Sahar S. Ganeb, Reffat M. Al-Tanawy, Rasha M. Fawzy, Marwa S. El-Sayed

1697- 1705

Prevalence of Dysphonia due to COVID-19 Infection

Hassnaa Hussin Afifi, Hossam Mohammed Abd El Azeem, Salwa Ahmed Abd El Hay

1706- 1713

The Frequency, Predictors and Health Impact of Post-Stroke Extrapyramidal Disorders (Clinical and Epidemiological Study)

Bastawy M. Al Fawal, Ahmed K. Ibrahim , Mostafa Saber , Mohamed Abd El Hamed, Ahmed Mamdouh Tawfik

1722- 1728

Cardiotoxic Effect of Adjuvant Subcutaneous versus Intravenous Trastuzumab in HER-2 Positive Breast Cancer

Ashraf Abdel Ghany, Ahmed Shawky, Naser Abd El Bary, Reham Ahmed Abd Elaziz, Amira Hegazy

1729- 1737

Remodeling of Antihelix in Combined Approach Otoplasty

Niveen Fathy Al Mahmoudy, Amira H. Sabry, Lina Salah

1738- 1745

Clinicoepidemiological Profile of Recurrent Pneumonia in Children

Aya Hamdy Ramadan Ali, Abdel-Haleem Hussein Khalil, Engy Osman Ahmed

1749- 1757

Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Patients: Assessment Using Non-Invasive Diagnostic Tools

Hanaa Badran, Maha Elsabaawy, Mai Magdy, Hazem Omar, Olfat Hendy, Eman Kamal, Mai Abozaid

1767- 1777

Conducting Nursing Research in Saudi Arabia during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights and Lessons Learned

Homood Alharbi, Fatimah Alshahrani, Zafrul Hasan, Ibrahim Al Baalharith, Jaffar Al-Tawfiq, Mohamad-Hani Temsah

1778- 1783

Neurodevelopmental Outcome of Children with Phenylketonuria after Early Neonatal Screening

El-Hussieny Gamal El-Hussieny, Ahmed M. Eita, Ali A. Shaltout

1801- 1807

Role of CA-125 and Ultrasound in Prediction of outcome of Threatened Abortion

Alaa El-Din Fathalla El- Halaby, Reham Nouraldin Mohamed El-Dawy, Mahy Nabil Mahmoud Egiz

1808- 1813

Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Diffusion in Differentiation between Spinal Canal Lesions

Yassmin Abd El Azeem Sakr, Esam AbdElhay Mokbel , Rasha Lofty Younes, Samah Ahmed Radwan

1814- 1822

Efficacy and Safety of Low-Dose Aspirin and Vaginal Progesterone in the Prevention of Spontaneous Preterm Birth

Zakaria Foad Sanad, Hamed El-Sayed El-Lakwa, Ebtesam Masaod Emad Mohamed, Mahy Nabil Mahmoud Egiz

1823- 1831

Evaluation of the Pre-operative GMS Hypospadias Score Correlation with Post-operative Outcomes (HOSE Score)

Mohammed Saber Ibrahim, Nader Ahmed Abd Elmawgoud, Ahmed Mohammed Ellabban, Isaac Samir Wasfy, Karam ElSayem AhmedElkady

1837- 1842

Assessment of Hydrostatic Enema Reduction under General Anesthesia in Treatment of Primary Intussusception in Children

Mohammed Saber Ibrahim, Mohamed Naeem ElSayed, Gouda Mohamed Ellaban, Karam ElSayem Ahmed

1843- 1847

Combined Effect of Shock Wave to Conventional Physical Therapy Program on Wrist Joint Pain Intensity in Treatment of Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex

Aboubakr Khalil Abdelaziz Abdellatif Alshazly, Salwa Fadl Abd Elmegeed, Yasser Safoury, Dina S. Abd Allah

1848- 1852

A Study of MMP-9 rs3918242 Gene Polymorphism in Egyptian Ischemic Stroke Patients

Eman Ramadan, Dalia Mohamed Abd El Hassib, Amr Samir, Rania Emad Abd Elfatah, Seham Gouda Ameen


Evaluation of Patient's Safety Measures in ICU and Surgical Theatre in Hospitals in Menoufia Governorate, Egypt

Omima Abo-Elfateh, Hewaida El-Shazly, Hala M. Gabr, Reda A. Ibrahem, Aziza Saad Elbadry, Rasha Mahmoud Khedr

1876- 1882

Role of Interleukin-6 in Diagnosis of Endometriosis: A Review Article

Eman S. El-Adawy, Ali E Khalaf Allah, Yasser G. Moustafa, Rasha Y. Khalil

1883- 1886

Interleukin-6 Concentration in Peritoneal Fluid and Serum of Patients with and without Endometriosis

Eman S. El-Adawy, Ali E. Khalaf Allah, Yasser G. Moustafa, Rasha Y. Khalil

1887- 1890

Nanofat for Infraorbital Rejuvenation: A Clinical and Dermoscopic Evaluation

Maryam Mohammed El-Hoseini, Sara Hamdy Fouad, Ahmed Mahmoud Zeina, Manar Elsayed Sallam

1904- 1909

Restricted Blood Flow versus Resisted Training in Elderly Women with Sarcopenia

Alaa Ali Esmail Sultan, Akram Abd El-Aziz Sayed, Dina Mostafa Mohamed El-Maleh, Saif Mehmed

1920- 1925

Study of Three Years Follow Up Effect of Covid-19 Infection on Patients on Chronic Kidney Disease

Lamis Essam Khedr, Saeed Abdel Wahab Saeed, Rehab Ahmed Fathallah Kheir, Khaled Gouda, Khaled Gouda

1926- 1931

Tau protein in Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy

Fady Mohamed El-Gendy, Marwa Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Khalil, Aliaa Gamal Abd El-Hameed Toeema, Amany Ahmed El-Banna

1932- 1942

Outcomes of Early Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Cases of Acute Cholecystitis

Ahmed Eissa Ahmed, Sherif Ali Ahmed, Osama Abdullah Abdul Raheem

1943- 1947

Endoscopic Medial Flap Inferior Turbinoplasty versus Bipolar Electrocautery in Management of Inferior Turbinate Hypertrophy

Rabeea Mahmoud Hamad Adim, Sherif Mohammad Askar, Wail Fayez Nasr, Ahmed Ibrahim Elsayed

1960- 1968

Role of Protein Bax and Bcl2 in The Prognosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Adults

Gehad Hamada Fekry, Mohamed Hamdy, Shereen Abdel Monem Ibrahim, Mostafa Kamal El Razazz, Heba Mohamed Saber Hafez

1975- 1981

Evaluation of Risk Factors in Central Venous Catheter Related Bloodstream Infection in A Critical Care Unit Patients

Rasha Abdallah Mahmoud Wahdan, Ahmed Mohammed Salama, Mona Abdel-Hamid El-Harrisi, Shymaa Yahia

1987- 1994

Peripapillary Microvascular Changes (Vascular Density) in Patients of Hypertension Using OCT Angiography

Dina Nageeb Awad Youssef, Elham Abdel Azim Mohamed, Mohamed Nagy Elmohamady, Essam Eldin Shohieb Ahmed

1995- 2000

Clinical Significance of Serum Cancer Antigen 15-3 (CA15-3) as Prognostic Parameter in Non-metastatic Breast Cancer Patients: is still a valid test?

Maged AbdelFattah, Ashraf Z. Abdallah, Adel G. Gabr, Doaa A. Mohammed, Yasmine Ali Roshdy, Abdallah H. Mohammed, Ahmed Refaat

2001- 2006

Effect of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy on Calcium Homeostasis: A Single-Center Study

Mohamed E.G. Kamar, Ayman A.M. Nsrallah, Ahmed Gamal Ahmed, Samia Hussein, Mayada M. Mousa

2007- 2012

The use of Rotational Thromboelastometry (ROTEM) in Adult Cardiac Surgeries: Review Article

Mohamed Emad Eldin Abdel-Ghaffar, Ezzat Mohamed Al-Taher, Amr Mohamed Helmy, Ghada Abd El Aziz Kamhawy, Ahmed Mohamed Mahdy El-Sadek

2019- 2026

New Method of IUD Insertion During Cesarean Section

Bassiony Dabian, Samar Hofy, Hisham Elshaaer, Mamdouh Sheeba, Shaimaa Elshemy

2033- 2039

Incidence and Degree of Traumatic Kidney Injury in Polytrauma Patients Detected by Ultrasound versus Computed Tomography of the Abdomen

Mahmoud Mohamed Abd El-Gawad Elmorsy, Magdy Basheer Elsayed El-Moghazy, Mohamed Adel Abd-Elmohdy Elhawary

2049- 2055

Androgenetic Alopecia in Al-Qalyubia Governorate: A Comprehensive Review

Omar K.S.K. Al-Busairi, Fatma M. Elesawy, Rasha A.E. Ali, Nader N. Nazmy

2056- 2058

Effectiveness of Neural Mobilization on Functional Activity in Patients with Cervical Radiculopathy: Review Article

Naira E. Abdelfattah, Ashraf A. Darwesh, M.S. Elfakharany, Mohamed H. Marzouk

2059- 2061

Facial Asymmetry After Management of Unilateral Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fractures Using Two-Point Fixation Technique

Mohamed Abo Shabana, Mohamed Said Hamed, Amany Khalifa Elsayed, Osama Anter, Ahmed Mohamed Abo El Naga

2071- 2077

Early Outcomes after Aortic Valve Replacement by Pretreated Autologous Pericardium versus Metalic Prosthetic Aortic Valve Replacement

Micheal Atef Morcos Botros, Ihab Mohamed Elshihy, Mohamed Ibrahim Sewiel-am, Foad Mohamed Rasekh, Mohamed Ezzeldeen Azzam

2078- 2084

Predective Factors of Common Bile Duct Injury in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Tantawi Abdelnaeem Mohammed, Mina Makram Hendy, Abdelrahman Gamal Galeh, Saleh Khairy Saleh

2085- 2091

Perceived Stress among Jazan Medical Students: A Preliminary Study for Effective Intervention Program

Eman G. Saleh, Majid A. Darraj, Abuobaida K. Yassin, Mohamed G. Elsayed

2092- 2099

SALL4 Oncogene in Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Expression Levels and Prognostic Impact

Ahmed Mahmoud Taha Khattab, Nahela Ahmed Shalaby, Gehad Hamada Fekry, Shereen Abd El-Moneam Ibrahim

2103- 2111

Efficacy of Adjunctive Use of Letrozole and Misoprostol in the Medical Induction of First Trimester Abortion

Ahmed Mohamed Nofal, Nasser Kamal Abd El All, Alaa ElDeen Fathallah El Halaby, Fatma Fathy Mahmoud, Osama Ali El-Kelani

2112- 2118

Deoxyribonuclease 1 as a Marker of Neonatal Sepsis and Its Comparison with CRP

Fady Mohamed El-Gendy, Marwa Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Khalil, Mohamed Ezzat Fouad, Amany Ahmed El-Banna

2119- 2125

The Value of the GRACE Score for Predicting the SYNTAX Score in Patients with Unstable Angina/Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Ahmed Y. Nammour, Mohamed Abdelshafi Tabl, Mohamed Ahmed Hamouda, Elsaeed Hussien Eltabakh

2125- 2129

Proximal Femoral Nail versus Proximal Femoral Plate Fixation for Unstable Trochanteric Fractures in Elderly Patients

Abd El-Samie M. Halawa, Ayman El -Said Abdo Barghouth, Adel Hassan Adawy, Saad Abd El-Rahim Shoulah

2130- 2133

Serum Level of Trace Elements in Pediatric Patients with End Stage Renal Disease on Hemodialysis

Afify Elsaid Abd Alati, AbdEl-Hamid Abd El-Monem Abd El-Hamid, Soha Abd El-Hady El-Gendy, Doaa Mohamed Yousef, Eman Ramadan Abd El-Gawad, Rasha Mohammed Zakaria

2134- 2141

The Predictive Value of Aortic Stiffness Index for Stroke Severity in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke

Ehab Said Abdelazeem, Amany Ahmed Ibrahim, Ahmed Salem Hamed Ahmed, Engy Ali Okab

2142- 2145

Expression of Beclin-1 Gene in Patients with Genital Warts and Its Clinical Significance in Suez Canal University Hospitals

Rana Adel Amin Ismail, Hesham Ahmed El-Sayed Nada , Mohamed Azab Mohamed Ali, Noha Mohamed Abd El- Fadeal

2146- 2149

Evaluation of the Efficacy of Microneedling with Tacrolimus versus Calcipotriol Plus Betamethasone Dipropionate in Vitiligo Treatment

Nesreen Mohsen Abd El-latif Abd El-latif, Shaymaa El-mongy El-Mongy Mohammed, Mohammed Samir Sultan

2150- 2157

Salivary Oxytocin in Anxiety in Children

Eman Gamal Abdelrahman, Sally Mohamed Abd El-Maksoud Abd El-Rhman , Enas Sebay Ahmed , Hesham Abd-Elaziz Elsayed El-Ghaiaty, Asmaa Said Mohamed

2162- 2171

Does Palatoplasty Technique Affect The Need For Ventilation Ear Tube Insertion?

Mahmoud Sobhy Allam, Mamdouh M. Aboulhassan, Samir Ahmed Abdelmaged, Kamal A.A. Hassanein, Islam A. Amer

2172- 2176

Pedicle Screw and Rod Fixation with TLIF in a Series of 14 Patients with Recurrent Lumbar Disc Herniation

Amr Adel Abd-Elaal, Mohammed Abd-EL-Baset Hegazy, Mahmoud Elsayed Massoud

2177- 2180

The Relationship of Serum Zinc Level in Patients with Pneumonia and Its Effect on Their Outcome

Effat Hussein Assar, Bahaa Eldin Hassaneen , Yasser Mahmoud Ismael, Aziza Ahmed Ibrahim, Mohamed Mohamed Shehab

2195- 2200

Serum Level of Interleukin-33 in Ankylosing Spondylitis Patients and Its Relation with Disease Parameters

Rasha M. Ghaleb, Bassma A. Mohamed, Amal A. Hassan, Mostafa A. El Sayed, Ahmed Hamed

2201- 2205

Serum Malondialdehyde (MDA) as Predictor for Severity of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

Mohammed Elsayed ELSetiha, Randa Mohammed Abd ElMageed, Ahmed Emad Eldin Mohamed, Mohammed Moheb AbuZeid, Sara Ibrahim El Sharkawy

2206- 2211

The Potential Protective Effect for Some Nutritional Sources of Lycopene on Prostatic Hypertrophy in Rats

Rabab M. Saad, Suzan A.E. Saad, Ola Ibrahim El-Desoky, Amira M. Elmoslemany

2212- 2218

Assessment of Motor Control in Chronic Mechanical Low Back Pain Patients with Flexible Flat Foot

Heba Ali Okasha Halawaa, Dina S. Abd Allah, Elsadat Saad Soliman

2254- 2258

Comparison between Intrauterine Contraceptive Device Insertion during Cesarean Section and Postpartum Insertion

Ahmed Saber Soliman, Nermeen Ahmed Fouad Labib, Ayman Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shedid, Ashraf Nassif Elmantwe

2266- 2269

The Weight of the Head and Skull, as well as The Centre of Gravity Can Be Affected by The Paranasal Sinuses

Ahmed Abdelaty, Hany Amin1, Mostafa Gomaa, Mohammed Salah, Ahmed Elrefai

2297- 2302

Paediatric Emergency Care; Applied Research Network Prediction Rule for Early Detection of Intra-Abdominal Injuries in Children

Maram M. Khalaf, Gouda ElLabban, Mohamed Amin Ali, Nashwa M. Abdelgeleel, Zeinab M. Abd Elatiff

2303- 2309

Assessment of Serum Adiponectin Level and Insulin Resistance in Premenopausal Females with Hirsutism

Hesham Ahmed Nada, Fadia Mostafa Attia, Radwa El-Sayed Mahmoud Marie, Asmaa Hamed Soliman

2310- 2318

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