Published: 2023-11-17

Is camel’s urine friend or enemy? Review of its role in human health or diseases

Mohamed Tharwat, Tariq I. Almundarij, Madeh Sadan, Faten Khorshid, Ayman Swelum


Echocardiographic characterization of cardiac chambers and vasculatures in buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) during diastolic and systolic phases

Arafat Khalphallah, Enas Elmeligy, Khaled A. Khesruf, Haitham H. Mohammed, Abdulrahman Abdulkarim, Ashraf M. Abu-Seida, Al-lethie A. Al-lethie


Possible role of pomegranate fruit in reversing renal damage in rats exposed to Phenylhydrazine

Nabil Abbas Soliman, Sherif Wajih Mansour, Mohamed Ahmed Ammar, Noura Ahmed Hassan, Rehab Hamed Abdallah Mohamed


Molecular genotyping of Salmonella spp. isolated from cheese samples of local stores in Al-Diwaniyah city, Iraq

Orooba Meteab Faja, Afrah Sabeeh Mhyson, Wisam Reheem Atiyah, Basima Jasim Mohammed, Azal Adnan


Serological identification of MERS-CoV in camels of Wasit province, Iraq

Hala S. R. AL-Taee, Azhar Ali Sekhi, Hasanain A. J. Gharban, Hussien M. A. Biati


Monitoring of recessive defects associated with low reproductive performance in dairy cattle in Uruguay

Andrea Branda-Sica, Rody Artigas, Elena de Torres, Evangelina Kinley, Paula Nicolini, Mari­a Teresa Federici, Silvia Llambi


Molecular identification and cross-immunogenic study on two field isolates of Mycoplasma synoviae isolated from broilers in five districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Atta Ur Rehman, Abdul Haleem Shah, Sajjad Ur Rahman, Saifur Rehman, Muhammad Kamal Shah, Widya Paramita Lokapirnasari, Imdadullah Khan, Muhammad Inamullah Malik, Andreas Berny Yulianto


Clinical signs associated with prostatic disorders in canines: Retrospective study in Uruguay (2011–2019)

Guillermo Cazzuli, Gonzalo Suarez, Stefania Busconi, Juan Pablo Damian, Paula Pessina


Protective effect of vitamin C against thiamethoxam-induced toxicity in male rats

Ibrahim A. Hamed, Refat M. Sherif, El-Sayed A. El-Sheikh, Ahmed M. Aldawek, Aly A. Shalaby


Subjective and objective observation of Tilapia skin as auto skin graft dressing in cats

Erwin Erwin, Etriwati Etriwati, Sugito Sugito, Hadi Mulki Satria


The effect of body condition on alfaxalone induction dosage requirement in dogs

Bartolome Rico Perez, Cristina Parra Martinez, Carolina Palacios Jimenez


Equine conjunctival haemangiosarcoma: Clinical presentation, management, and outcome of seven cases in the United Kingdom

Andrea Kashani-Carver, Conor O'Halloran, Emma Scurrell, Heidi Featherstone, Felipe Ferreira de Freitas, Robert Lowe


Diagnosis, management, and outcome of an intralenticular foreign body in a dog: A case report

Andrea Kashani-Carver, Gemma Turner, Gisela Escalada Caliz, Amna Salih, Casey Jordan, Prado Cebrian, Robert Lowe


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