Published: 2010-10-21

Influence of dietary lipid sources on sensory characteristics of broiler meat

A Hugo, S.P Els, C Bothma, F.H de Witt, H.J van der Merwe, M.D Fair


Diet selection by Nguni goats in the Zululand Thornveld

N.A.D Basha, P.E Scogings, I.V Nsahlai


Effect of dietary lipid sources on production performance of broilers

F.H de Witt, S.P Els, H.J van der Merwe, A Hugo, M.D Fair


Influence of dietary lipid sources on carcass traits of broilers

F.H de Witt, S.P Els, A Hugo, H.J van der Merwe, M.D Fair


Feed utilization and growth of Dorper wethers on Opuntia-based diets

O.B Einkamerer, H.O de Waal, W.J Combrinck, M.D Fair


Simplification of urea treatment method of wheat straw for its better adoption by the farmers

M.A Jabbar, H Muzafar, F.M Khattak, T.N Pasha, A Khalique


Growth, haematological and biochemical responses of growing lambs injected

A.N.M Nour El-Din, S.Z El-Zarkouny, S.Z El-Zarkouny, H Ghobashy, H Ghobashy, E.I Abdel-Gawad, E.I Abdel-Gawad, D.J Kesler, D.J Kesler


Determining the optimum temperature for dry extrusion of

D Palic, F.K Siebrits, S.E Coetzee


Sample preparation of Medicago sativa L. hay for chemical analysis

GDJ Scholtz, HJ van der Merwe, TP Tylutki


Non-genetic and genetic factors influencing growth performance in

A.K Thiruvenkadan, S Panneerselvam, R Rajendran


Genetic and non-genetic factors affecting body weight in Tellicherry goats

A,K Thiruvenkadan, M Murugan, K Karunanithi, J Muralidharan, K Chinnamani


Economic values for dairy production traits under different milk payment systems in South Africa

C.B Banga, F.W.C Neser, J van der Westhuizen, D.J Garrick


Herbage yield in Signalgrass pastures as affected by grazing management

G.J Braga, J.N Portela, C.J.S Pedreira, V.B.O Leite, E.A Oliveira


Factors influencing energy demand in dairy farming

S Kraatz, W Berg, R Brunsch


The effect of dietary ionophores on feedlot performance of lambs

M.M Price, O.B Einkamerer, F.H de Witt, J.P.C Greyling, M.D Fair


Multi-trait and random regression mature weight heritability and breeding value estimates in Nelore cattle

A.A Boligon, M.E.Z Mercadante, F Baldi, R.B Lôbo, L.G Albuquerque


Effect of dietary lipid sources on lipid oxidation of broiler meat

A Hugo, S.P Els, F.H de Wit, H.J van der Merwe, M.D Fair


Rate of intake in wethers fed a temperate pasture with different feeding

A Pérez-Ruchel, J.L Repetto, M Michelini, L Pérez, G Soldini, C Cajarville


Effect of supplementary feed and stocking rate on the production of ostriches

M Strydom, T.S Brand, B.B Aucamp, J.M van Heerden


The nutritive value of South African Medicago sativa L. hay

G.D.J Scholtz, H.J van der Merwe, T.P Tylutki


Evaluation of models for assessing Medicago sativa L. hay quality

G.D.J Scholtz, H.J van der Merwe, T.P Tylutki


Effect of cryoprotectant on the cryopreservation of

M.H Mapeka, K.C Lehloenya, T.L Nedambale, B Sutherland


Improving the quality of wool through the use of gene markers

T.O Itenge, J.G.H Hickford, R.H.J Forrest, G.W McKenzie, C.M Frampton


The effect of breed on the survivability and motility rate of

M.B Makhafola, K.C Lehloenya, M.L Mphaphathi, A Dinnyes, T.L Nedambale


Rumen pH and NH3-N concentration of sheep fed temperate pastures supplemented with sorghum grain

M Aguerre, J.L Repetto, A Pérez-Ruchel, A Mendoza, G Pinacchio, C Cajarville


Dry matter intake and digestibility of temperate pastures supplemented with sorghum grain in wethers and heifers

M Aguerre, C Cajarville, V Machado, G Persak, S Bambillasca, J.L Repetto


Heat tolerance of Nelore, Senepol x Nelore and Angus x Nelore heifers in the southeast region of Brazil

A.R.B Ribeiro, M.M Alencar, A.R Freitas, L.C.A Regitano, M.C.S Oliveira, A.M.G Ibelli


Long term use of bovine somatotropic (bST) on reproduction

M.A Jabbar, I Ahmad, M Abdullah, T.N Pasha, F Majeed


Influence of a polyclonal antibody preparation on the in situ degradability of three energy sources

WG Otero, CT Marino, FR Alves, FA Ferreira, MB Arrigoni, PHM Rodrigues


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