Published: 2013-11-12

Antidepressant properties of aqueous acerate from Gladiolus Dalenii corms

GT Ngoupaye, EN Bum, GS Taiwe, FCO Moto, E Talla


Study on anti-osteosarcoma activity of ethanol extract of Venenum Bufonis in vitro

G Chen, X Jiang, J Li, G Duan, L Yang, Y Zhang, F Wang


Exploration of nutraceutical potential of herbal oil formulated from parasitic plant

F Anjum, SA Bukhari, M Shahid, TH Bokhari, MMA Talpur


Expert system for skin problem consultation in Thai traditional medicine

P Nopparatkiat, B Nagara, C Chansa-ngavej


Identification of plant use as natural herbal shampoo in Manipur

SR Singh, AK Phurailatpam, P Senjam


Assessment of the anti-diarrhea function of compound Chinese herbal medicine cangpo oral liquid

X Xia, H Wang, X Niu, H Wang, Z Liu, Y Liu, Z Qi, S Wang, S Liu, S Liu


Study on the anti-cerebral ischemia effect of borneol and its mechanism

QX Kong, ZY Wu, X Chu, RQ Liang, M Xia, L Li


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eISSN: 0189-6016