Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences - Vol 10, No 4S (2018)

Special Issue

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Table of Contents


Retracted: Digital citizenship and the role of educational process in its accomplishment: Analytical Study
Abdullah Ahmed Algarni 1-6
Retracted: Ontology and cloud computing in various applications: the significance and major challenges
Abdulnaser S.H. Al-Msloum 7-12
Retracted: The role of ontology repositories in supporting knowledge management processes
Ahmad Ali AL-Johani 13-18
Retracted: Marketing as well as cultural aspects of logistic projects' realization abroad
Aleksander Pabian 19-24
Retracted: The selected relationships in the area of transport management of the analyzed company
Marta Kadlubek 25-30
Retracted: Management control over financial reporting in the local government - selected issues
Piotr Soltyk 31-35
Retracted: Game Based Learning (GBL) adoption model for universities: cesim simulation
Asim Majeed, Rehan Bhana, Anwar Ul Haq, Mak Sharma 36-41
Retracted: Adults' digital competence and readiness for online learning: preliminary findings on Latvian adult learners' readiness to study online
Evija Mirke, Sarma Cakula 42-47
Retracted: Knowledge sharing for the provision of sustainable cooperation between adult education institutions and enterprises
Sarma Cakula, Andra Jakobsone 48-53
Retracted: Analysis and Comparison of the National Diagnostic paper-based and online tests
Loreta Juskaite 54-59
Retracted: Courses of information technologies and statistics for the students of health care
Oskars Rasnacs, Maris Vitins 60-63
Retracted: The role of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in the enhancement of education process efficiency
Dalal Ibrahim Al Rebdi 64-69
Retracted: Discharge curve analysis of a lead-acid battery model
Jose H.F. Viana, Juliana O. Costa, Iago C. Nilson, David C.C. Freitas, Hugerles S. Silva 70-75
Retracted: Extracting information based on partial or complete network data
James Carbaugh, Matthew Fletcher, Ralucca Gera, Woei Chieh Lee, Russell Nelson, Joyati Debnath 76-83
Retracted: The vital role of free access in supporting digital repositories
Ebtesam Hussain Al Zahrani 84-88
Retracted: Examining the social media in marketing success of the commercial companies
Ebtesam Hussain AL Zahrani 89-94
Retracted: Infographic and its role to broadcast information via social networks
Eman Saeed AL-Johani 95-99
Retracted: A holy Quran ontology construction with semiautomatic population
Eman Elkhammash, Wahiba Ben Abdessalem 100-104
Retracted: On the application of WIKI technology as a web application 2 in the educational renaissance
Ebtesam Hussain AL Zahrani 105-109
Retracted: ICT usage in the Czech business and the strategy of digital literacy in the Czech Republic
Eva Kasparova 110-113
Retracted: The role of social networking in offering e-orientation programs to the virtual national libraries in the Arab world: analytical evaluation study
Fudhah Ateq AL Selami 114-119
Retracted: The efficiency of SAP in improving the HR performance case study: Masdar building materials in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Fudhah Ateq AL Selami 120-125
Retracted: Corporates governance: a complementary model for multi frameworks and tools
Fekry Fouad 126-131
Retracted: Social media in supporting the students universities education
Ftoon Ahmed Othman 132-136
Retracted: YouTube as engagement and learning tool in higher education society
Ftoon Ahmad Othman 137-142
Retracted: Arabic feature-based level sentiment analysis using lexicon-based approach
Laila Abd-Elhamid, Doaa Elzanfaly, Ahmed Sharaf Eldin 143-148
Retracted: Reliability approach of a compressor system using reliability block diagrams
Dan Iudean, Alexandru Cretu, Radu Munteanu, Rozica Moga, Nicoleta Stroia, Daniel Moga, Luige Vladareanu 149-154
Retracted: Robot advanced intelligent control developed through versatile intelligent portable platform
Luige Vladareanu, Victor Vladareanu, Hongnian Yu, Hongbo Wang, Florentin Smarandache 155-160
Retracted: Application for position and load reference generation of a simulated mechatronic chain
Victor Vladareanu, Sergiu Boris Cononovici, Marcel Migdalovici, Hongbo Wang, Yongfei Feng, Florentin Smarandache 161-167
Retracted: Shortest path problem under interval valued neutrosophic setting
Said Broumi, Assia Bakali, Mohamed Talea, Florentin Smarandache, K.P. Krishnan Kishore, Rıdvan Şahin 168-174
Retracted: Design and analysis of a spatial four-DOF lower limb rehabilitation robot
Hongbo Wang, Yongfei Feng, Xincheng Wang, Lingxue Ren, Jianye Niu, Luige Vladareanu 175-180
Retracted: Research on a new applicable lower limb rehabilitation robot
Hongbo Wang, Yongfei Feng, Dong Zhang, Fei Chen, Yaxin Du, Hao Yan, Luige Vladareanu 181-186
Retracted: On environment's mathematical model and multilegged walking robot stable evolution
Marcel Migdalovici, Sergiu Cononovici, Victor Vladareanu, Gabriela Vladeanu, Mihai Stelian Munteanu, Daniela Baran, Hongbo Wang, Yongfei Feng 187-192
Retracted: Improvement of the material's mechanical characteristics using intelligent real time control interfaces in HFC hardening process
Luige Vladareanu, Mihaiela Iliescu, Victor Vladareanu, Alexandru Gal, Octavian Melinte, Florentin Smarandache, Adrian Margean 193-198
Retracted: Toward a new critical role of information systems in the modern decision making process
Lile Ramona Management, Andrei-Mihai Luchian, Elena-Corina Boscoianu, Mircea Boscoianu, Victor Vladareanu 199-204
Retracted: Ontology driven meta-modeling of service oriented architecture
Shreya Banerjee, Shruti Bajpai, Anirban Sarkar, Takaaki Goto, Narayan C. Debnath 205-210
Retracted: The role of IT solutions in reverse logistics management support
Paula Bajdor, Andrzej Brzeziński 211-216
Retracted: Social networks impacts on knowledge sharing among public education students
Dalal Ibrahim Al Rebdi 217-221
Retracted: Challenges of implementing data warehouse in MongoDB environment
Biswajit Maity, Soumya Sen, Narayan C. Debnath 222-228
Retracted: The computer simulator - a modern training method of objects of an economic profile
Tea Munjishvili, Akaki Mikaberidze 229-233
Retracted: Predictive maintenance and robotic system design
Mihnea Alexandru Moisescu, Ioan Stefan Sacala, Ioan Dumitrache, Simona Caramihai 234-239
Retracted: Some aggregation operators for bipolar-valued hesitant fuzzy information
Tahir Mahmood, Kifayat Ullah, Qaisar Khan, Florentin Smarandache 240-245
Retracted: Adaptive e- learning system based on personalized learning style
Nashwa Abdel Aziz Ali, Fathy Eassa, Essam Hamed 246-251
Retracted: A review of automated decision support system
Manal Abdulllah, Waad Alshehri, Samar Alamri, Norah Almutairi 252-257
Retracted: Agent-based big data classification
Nojod M. Alotaibi, Manal Abdullah, Hala Mosli 258-264
Retracted: Arabic handwriting recognition using neural network classifier
Manal Abdulllah, Afnan Agal, Mariam Alharthi, Mariam Alrashidi 265-270
Retracted: Emotions classification for Arabic tweets
Manal Abdulllah, Muna O. AlMasawa, Ibtihal S. Makki, Maha J. Alsolmi, Samar S. Mahrous 271-277
Retracted: A survey on big data stream mining
Ebtesam Hamed Almalki, Manal Abdullah 278-284
Retracted: Web-based analysis for decision support systems
Manal Abdulllah, Manahil Alqulaity, Wejdan Bajaber 285-291
Retracted: Collaborative knowledge management
Manal Abdulllah, Monirah Almalki, Hanaa Blahmer 292-297
Retracted: Intrusion detection of DoS attacks in WSNs using classification techniuqes
Manal A. Abdullah, Bdoor M. Alsolami, Hana M. Alyahya, Maha H. Alotibi 298-303
Retracted: A survey on cross-layer intrusion detection system for wireless sensor networks
Manal Alharthi, Manal Abdullah 304-310
Retracted: Study of losses in the production line of large footwear company
Marcelo S. Alencar, Hélio M. Mesquita, Thiago T. Alencar 311-316
Retracted: Users' orientations in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards the reading of e-books through smart phones and tablets: a survey study
Marwah S. Bajandoh, Huda M. Alamoudi 321-326
Retracted: Significant benefits from libraries in web 3.0 environment
Maryam Ahmed Balbaid 327-329
Retracted: RSS technique and its role in supporting the educational process
Maysa Ibrahim Yousef 330-335
Retracted: Social media with its role in supporting e-commerce and its challenges
Maysa Ibrahiem Yousef 336-340
Retracted: Integration of case study approach, project design and computer modeling in managerial accounting education with a diploma thesis development as an example
Arkadiusz Januszewski 341-346
Retracted: Entrepreneurship in the area of activity of key ICT clusters in Poland
Tomasz Żminda 347-353
Retracted: The role of knowledge management in improving the performance of medium-size industrial companies in Saudi Arabia
Nasser Juwaber Al Khudairi 354-358
Retracted: Mergers of operators and regulation: a game - theoretic approach
Olivier Lefebvre 359-364
Retracted: Using expectancy theory to explain performance appraisal elements and employees' motivation
Omar A.O. Baakeel 365-370
Retracted: Skills and research techniques of information resources in the digital environment
Othman Atti Alsulami 371-375
Retracted: Machine learning for money laundering detection in the block chain financial transaction system
Slobodan Jovicic, Qing Tan 376-381
Retracted: The relationship between unified communications and big data analytics
Bola Abimbola, Qing Tan 382-385
Retracted: IoT and big data in well-aging: the IoTEA project
Víctor M. González, José R. Villar, Enrique de la Cal, Manuel Menéndez, Javier Sedano, Juan Álvarez 386-389
Retracted: A web development system for producing an interactive electronic book
Mutaz Rasmi Abu Sara, Ahmad Abdulqader Abuseeni 390-395
Retracted: Utilization of social networks in education and their impact on knowledge acquisition among female university students
Ruqaiah Shakwan 396-399
Retracted: Educational blogs and their roles in supporting the educational process for the undergraduate: survey study
Salmah Salim Beladi 400-405
Retracted: The role of social networking in the effectiveness of university education: exploratory survey
Salmah Salim Al-Beladi 406-411
Retracted: Information system governance in Moroccan universities: case of student affairs
El Mostafa Rajaallah, Youmna El Hissi, Abdelkrim Haqiq 412-415
Retracted: Contribution of new technologies in the governance of scientific research at the Moroccan University, new challenge for a new vision of governance
Youmna El Hissi, Abdelkrim Haqiq, Laila Loukili Idrissi 416-421
Retracted: Business plans simplified into CUSB canvas, its function and usefulness: Example of a business plan to promote a heritage site in Morocco
Jorio Houda 422-427
Retracted: Instrumentalisation of the electronic learning booklet ELB: The case of the professional training of midwives in Morocco
Imad Lamniai, Mustapha Bassiri, Abderrazak Mazouak, Muftisada Jaouad, Tridane Malika, Said Belaaouad 428-433
Retracted: Different perceptions to entrepreneurship: case of master students at the University IbnZohr
Mustapha Bengrich, Said Bribich, Abderrahman Messaoudi 434-439
Retracted: Multidisciplinary study of the use of ICT in the digitization of pedagogical and managerial practices
Abderrazak Mazouak, Mustapha Bassiri, Imad Lamniai, Muftisada Jaouad, Tridane Malika, Said Belaaouad 440-445
Retracted: E-Learning as a vector for the development of the professional skills of future pedagogical frameworks in Regional center of education and formation in professions, Taza Morocco
Abderrazak Mazouak, Mustapha Bassiri, Imad Lamniai, Muftisada Jaouad, Tridane Malika, Said Belaaouad 446-451
Retracted: E-learner face identification with local sensitive hashing
Elkaber Hachem, Hachem Harouni Alaoui, Cherif Ziti, Mohammed Karim 452-455
Retracted: Modern probabilistic:model for massive data in e-learning
Hachem Harouni Alaou, Elkaber Hachem, Cherif Ziti 456-459
Retracted: Needs in emotional intelligence: the case of Moroccan pupils in the preparatory classes of primary education
Jaouad Muftisada, Mustapha Bassiri, Imad Lamniai, Abderrazak Mazouak, Malika Tridane, Said Belaaouad 460-464
Retracted: UC@MOOC: A pedagogical innovation to face the challenges of massification in higher education
Abdellah J. Idrissi, Khalid Berrada, Rachid Bendaoud, Said Machwate, Abdellatif Miraoui 465-470
Retracted: The development of entrepreneurial culture among students through innovation: case of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University
Aicha El Azzaoui 471-475
Retracted: The qualification of climatic and thermostatic chambers according to standards: FD X 15-140, NF EN 60068-3 and the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
Yassine Lamkharbach, Mouna Latifa Bouamrani, Bazi Fathallaah, Aicha Mourran, Fatima Zahra Khalil 476-481
Retracted: Entrepreneurship education in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, a first experience
Latifa El Hadrati 482-486
Retracted: Development and testing of a remote laboratory for practical work based on embedded electronics
Abdelmoula Abouhilal, Amine Moulay Taj, Redouane Irkettou, Mohamed Mejdal, Abdessamad Malaoui 487-490
Retracted: Risk based approach and interactions between interested parties in QSE management systems
Hanae Dahman El Idrissi, Fouzi Belmir 491-496
Retracted: Energy efficiency in electrical systems: a case study of an industrial site in Morocco
Imane Chramate, Fouzi Belmir 497-501
Retracted: Corporate social responsibility and customer behaviour, empirical study
Mohamed Belafhaili, Adil El Marhoune, Said Hinti 502-507
Retracted: The automatic method of scorpion milking with specific voltage for safe collecting venom
Mouad Mkamel, Omar Tanane, Rachid Saile, Anass Kettani 508-510
Retracted: The Moroccan university and the programs of training in entrepreneurship: state of play, issues and critical look
Said El Ganich, Moha Arouch, Badia Oulhadj 511-514
Retracted: The impact of quality approach on innovation in organizations
Saadia Marouane 515-520
Retracted: Automatic identification of e-learner emotional states to ameliorate her/his motivation
Oussama Hamal, Nour-eddine El Faddouli, Hachem Harouni Alaoui, Samir Bennani, Mustapha Bassiri 521-524
Retracted: Scientific communication oral vector of validation and advancement of research results: case of doctoral students FSBM
Soufiane Zerraf, Mustapha Bassiri, Mustafa Belhabra, Bouchra Gourja, Malika Tridane, Said Belaaouad 525-529
Retracted: Predictive analysis and Dataviz: An advanced solution for the analysis of big data case study: A visual predictive model of train delays
Sara Lbazri, Younes Oubrahim, Mohamed Amine Talhaoui, Mohamed Azouazi 530-533
Retracted: Towards innovative industrialization for optimal renewable resource management
Mustapha Jammoukh, Khalifa Mansouri, Bachir Salhi 534-537
Retracted: A balanced scorecard for evaluation of sustainable performances in Moroccan universities
Fouzi Belmir, Imane Chramate, Nouzha Jebbour 538-543
Retracted: Technology of structural optimization for subsidiary in enterprise information systems
Saif Q. Muhamed, Mohammed Q. Mohammed, Thaker Nayl, Dmitriy Mikhnov, Alina Mikhnova 544-549
Retracted: Spatial and transform domain based steganography using chaotic maps for color images
Hikmat N. Abdullah, Sura F. Yousif, Alejandro A. Valenzuela 551-556
Retracted: The effect of organizational structure on innovation capacity in Moroccan SMEs: case of Kenitra-Rabat-Sale Region
Fatima Zahra Achour, Youssef Khatori, Imane Zemzami 557-562
Retracted: Business Intelligence as a future analysis and interpretation of data in real time
Malgorzata Malgorzata 563-568
Retracted: A new codebook design for hybrid beamforming systems using quantized phase shifters
Jae-Hwan Lee, Changdon In, Hyung-Myung Kim, Seung-Won Keum 569-574
Retracted: Channel estimation with limited pilot beams in millimeter wave communications
Changdon In, Jae-Hwan Lee, Soojung Jung, Hyung-Myung Kim, Seung-Won Keum 575-579
Retracted: Decentralized social and economic network as an alternative economic relations development in society
Larysa Nekrasenko, Antonina Kalinichenko, Anna Brzozowska, Bohdan Lazurenko 580-585
Retracted: Data & information management in decision making processes in an intelligent enterprise
Monika Lobaziewicz 586-591
Retracted: Mobile commerce in Europe - comparative study
Aleksandra Ptak 592-596
Retracted: An investigation into the adoption of Health Information Technology (HIT): a case study in Saudi Arabian public hospitals
Ahmad Aljohani, Paul Davis, Regina Connolly 597-602
Retracted: Life cycle assessment use for identification of environmental profiles of different scenarios for handling defective products
Tomasz Nitkiewicz, Katarzyna Grondys 603-607
Retracted: Controlling energy consumption by Internet of Things (IoT) applications
Asim Majeed, Rehan Bhana, Shaheed Parvez 608-611
Retracted: The direction of the academic orientations of students in the process of implementation of the education course as a value
Habil Habil, Mara Vidnere, Oleg Nikiforov 612-614
Retracted: Rough standard neutrosophic sets: an application on standard neutrosophic information systems
Nguyen Xuan Thao, Bui Cong Cuong, Florentin Smarandache 615-622
Retracted: The spectral properties of matrices of some Markov chains
Tariel Khvedelidze 623-627
Retracted: The role of knowledge management in raising the efficiency of pilots' performance in the aviation industry: a comparative study
Khalid Bawazeer 628-631
Retracted: Vehicular ad hoc networks: from simulations to real-life scenarios
Rejab Hajlaoui, Tarek Moulahi, Hervé Guyennet 632-637
Retracted: Novel approach to information security management of confidential and propriety information using image steganography
K.N. Modi, Ravindra Navanath Duche 638-646
Retracted: Importance of teamwork for the satisfaction of managers in small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic
Jaroslav Vrchota, Petr Řekrř 644-648
Retracted: Performance analysis of web information system: an IRAQI graduate case study
Sami Hasan, Ammar A. Noori Al-Hamadani, Talib M. Jawad Al Taleb 649-653
Retracted: Fabrication-ready self-learning PID controller: a comparison study with classical PID
Sami Hasan, Aya Moufak Ismael 654-658
Retracted: Applying fuzzy artificial neural network OSPF to develop smart routing protocol algorithm
Sami Hasan, Abdulhakeem Amer 659-662
Retracted: Real-time vehicle ID identification using parallel-joining wireless sensor network
Sami Hasan, Abdulhakeem Amer 663-666
Retracted: Brain tumor classification using Probabilistic Neural Network
Sami Hasan, Mays Yousif, Talib M.J. Al-Talib 667-670
Retracted: Speech recognition keyword engine for video on YouTube
Aymen Shakat, Mohammed A. Al-Dabagh, Sami Hasan, Yaser Dawood 671-676
Retracted: Security measures effect over performance in service provider network
Mustafa Abdulkadhim 677-681
Retracted: Coding and decoding stereoscopic film compression by multiwavelet transform
Nada Alramahi, Martin Bush, M. Rafiq Swash 682-685
Retracted: Novel 3D stereoscopic film compression using multiwavelet
Nada Alramahi, Martin Bush, M. Rafiq Swash 686-690
Retracted: Numerically- analysed multiwavelet transform computations: multidimensional compression case studies
Nada Alramahi, Martin Bush, M. Rafiq Swash 691-693
Retracted: Web services for telegeriatric and independent living of the elderly in their homes
Mohammad Jafar Arif, Dimitris Koutsouris, Sotiris Pavlopoulos, Ibrahiem M.M. El Emary 694-705
Retracted: An adaptive entropy based lossless data compression algorithm for wireless sensor network
Usha Tiwari, Shabana Mehfuz 706-715
Retracted: A survey on development of Malay predictive chat conversion application as a tool for Malaysian
S Mahamad, N.S. Azman 716-724
Retracted: Active learning in Islamic education among children
A Azarudin, I Norlaila, H.J.N.F. Hiryati, M.S.N. Raihana, W.C.W.A. Khusairi 725-733
Retracted: Ameliorating students’ quality through the action-oriented simulation accounting package
M.N.N. Emilina, C.K.K.C.K. Hisam, A Suraya, W.M.N.W.M. Nazif, Z.Z.Z. Norsuriati 734-748
Retracted: Comparative study on sinkhole area by using intrusive and non-intrusive technique
M.A.M. Firdaus, S.N. Zalikha, M.I.M. Johan, M.Z.A. Zafyrah 749-763
Retracted: Cytotoxic effects of dillapiole on human nasal squamous cell carcinoma, RPMI 2650 cells
N.B. Ruslan, I.M. Amin, N Abdul Hamid Hasani, V.N. Ahmad, G.H. Khor 764-772
Retracted: Design economic evolution in the jewellery industry through design process
H.Z. Hashim, K.A.A. Rahman, H Alli, R.A.A.R. Effendi 773-782
Retracted: Evaluation of Reverberation Time (RT-60) and Speech Transmission Index (STI) of classroom at higher learning education
R Abdullah, S.I. Ismail, M.T. Miskon, M.Z. Jusoh, N.N.S.N. Dzulkefli 783-794
Retracted: Flood Victims Quality of Life Index 2017 (FVQoL-Index’17: scale development and validation
N.F.H.N. Hassan, Z Ahmad, A.C. Hamid, B.A. Rahman, N.S. Baharuddin, Z Mohamad 795-811
Retracted: Employees’ perspective on factors influencing risk management practices in a furniture factory
Z Zainuddin, J Zuraini, J Norchahaya, A.S. Noristisarah, M.N. Zahirah 812-819
Retracted: The influence of e-service quality on employees satisfaction: a study at municipal council
M.S.N. Shafini, M.Y.A. Radzuan, O.A.S. Rapidah, A.M.S. Maizan, W.M.W. Mardiana, M.A.N. Dalila 820-828
Retracted: The role of games card in active teaching and learning approach: a case study of Entrepreneurial Creative Card(EC-CARD)
N.F.H.N. Hassan, N.F.H.N. Jaafar, N Ahmad, N Ibrahim, W.A.K.W. Chek 829-842
Retracted: The structure and implementation of Accounting Experiential Learning Firm (AELF)
W.M. Nori, A Roziani, B Ithnahaini 843-853
Retracted: Validating a proposed conceptual model iCAL4LA through expert review
S.Z. Ahmad, A Abdul Mutalib 854-869
Retracted: Finite element analysis of protective bicycle helmet & dummy head under dynamic loading
S.H. Marwan, M.A.M. Wahi, A.H. Abdullah, M.H. Mazlan 870-881
Retracted: Lecturer’s perception towards the use of iMAPS
A.N. Jaafar, S Rohafauzi, N.N.S.N. Dzulkefli, F.D.H.M. Fauzi, N.H.M. Noh, M.T. Amron 882-892
Retracted: Factors influencing the intention to whistle blow on corruption and fraud
M.Z.S.N. Hayati, M.A. Syahira, H Hilwani, H Razinah 893-916
Retracted: Determinants of internet banking usage in Malaysia: technology acceptance model
O.A.S. Rapidah, S.N. Shafini, A.M.M. Suhaily, A.N. Dalila, W.M.W. Mardiana 917-928
Retracted: Developing Accounting Experiential Learning Firm (AELF): challenges and issues
A Roziani, W.M. Nori, B Ithnahaini 929-938
Retracted: Effect of waste rubber binder on sintered properties of 316L SS for metallic implant parts
R Rabilah, N.A. Wahab, S Budin, S.M. Hashim, A.S. Rodzi 939-947
Retracted: Exploring fraud triangle in understanding ethics pre-cautionary: a Malaysian statutory body
M Norazamina, A Suraya, A Azizah, M.Y. Najihah 948-958
Retracted: Initial investigation and comparative analysis of telecommuting among Government Linked Company (GLC) employess in east coast region
M.K.N.N. Qamarina, A Nurulnadwan 959-976
Retracted: Instrument for measuring the influencing of conceptual design model of ITV advertising toward impulse purchase
C.O. Azizah, S Shuhada, S.M. Sarif, M.A.A. Muin 977-1002
Retracted: Youth and modern media: WhatsApp discourse and participation in socialisation process
A.R.Z. Shuhaida, S Norshuhada 1003-1022
Retracted: Capacitance effects of parasitic element on the multiband Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) F.
F.N.M. Redzwan, M.T. Ali, N Ismail, S Rohafauzi, N Ahmad, S Omar, K.S.S.K. Mohd Noh, N.S. Kamarozaman 1023-1037
Retracted: Design and development of an automatic fish feeder using Real Time Clock (RTC)
R Shafie, R Abdullah, A.N. Jaafar, S Rohafauzi, N.N.S.N. Dzulkefli, S Omar, S Sulaiman 1038-1047
Retracted: Influence of student’s personality on acquired knowledge during internship: rhetoric or reality
Z Zakaria, H Mohamed, Z Jusoh, Z Ahmad, M.A. Kamaludin 1048-1056

ISSN: 1112-9867
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